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By Francis globetrotter

Francis Le Guen, an adventurer, journalist, explorer and photographer, loves travelling and wandering around cities across the world. He fell under the spell of the place we often call "the city at the end of the lake". Francis has some suggestions for a wonderful day trip around Geneva. As you step of your TGV Lyria train at Cornavin station, you will be taken on a walk through the city streets.

Cornavin station

Railway station

Note from author :

Station or cathedral ?

This "lightning trip" starts at Cornavin station where the TGV Lyria arrives (on time!). I wandered around the place taking in its post-modern architecture and the numerous stores selling more or less tasteful souvenirs. It is all perfectly organised - ideal for getting a good dose of "Swissness".

Place de Cornavin 2, 1201 Geneva, Switzerland

United Nations Headquarters


Note from author :

UN seen nothing yet

The United Nations Headquarters is a must, visited by numerous tourists. Its banners stand proud in the middle of a huge estate, while the square is adorned with a set of fountains whose water gushes up when you least expect it - keep covered! Worth a visit for the monumental chair sculpture that stands on three legs in memory of land mine victims.

Avenue de la Paix 8, 1202 Geneva, Switzerland

Botanical garden


Note from author

In the Swiss jungle

The botanical garden and its squirrels: leave the bustle of the city behind and instead enjoy the rustle of some rare species. It's a jungle out there: at least it feels like one!

Mon-Repos, Geneva, Switzerland

Saint Pierre cathedral


Note from author :

The Old Town – a cut above the rest!

You must take the time to wander around the Old Town that sits above the newer parts of the city. There is Saint Pierre cathedral, the Old Arsenal and its canons, the Hôtel de Ville with its gothic colonnades, and narrow streets where bicycles weave between the luxury cars. There are plenty of bars and restaurants for when you get thirsty.

Place du Bourg-de-Four 24, 1204 Geneva, Switzerland

Your trip in Geneva

  • Chez Papon

    Gastronomic restaurant

    Note from author :

    Fine fare chez Papon

    This might be the best restaurant in the Old Town. You'll enjoy a unique experience in this historical landmark, one of the oldest cafés in Geneva (1820). On the terrace of La Treille or under the gothic arches of the dining room, treat yourself with one of the delicious, carefully concocted dishes, served with wines from the Geneva's vineyards.

    Rue Henri-Fazy 1, 1204 Geneva, Switzerland

    Parc des Bastions


    Note from author :

    Ready for reform?

    A very nice, much visited park, near the Old Town. Enjoy a walk among the giant chess sets and the statues of personalities from the Reformation, on the aptly named "Reformation Wall".

    Promenade des Bastions 1, 1204 Geneva, Switzerland

    The Cité du Temps

    Cultural Center

    Note from author :

    Time regained

    Sitting on the Rhône where it joins Lake Geneva, this wonderful design space stages temporary art exhibitions and is home to a collection of Swatch watches. You can also have a drink or enjoy lunch here in the rooms of its "Au Phil du temps" restaurant...

    Pont de la Machine, 1204 Geneva, Switzerland

    The guide of Geneva in your pocket !


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    Favarger chocolate factory

    Chocolate factory

    Note from author :


    Favarger was established in 1826 and remains the only chocolate factory in Geneva. There is a shop, tasting area and a chocolate museum. Other than the brand classics, you will be able to try some more original recipes.

    Quai des Bergues 19, 1201 Geneva, Switzerland

    Geneva, the port


    Note from author :

    Great gulls!

    When you are fed up with walking, hop on-board! Head to Quai du Mont Blanc where taxi shuttle boats will take you from one bank to the other. These yellow vessels are known as the "mouettes" (or seagulls) and are very popular among Genevans. If you want to go further, take a big steamboat for an authentic vintage experience!

    Quai du Mont-Blanc, 1201 Genève, Suisse 1201 Genève

    "You must take the time to wander around the Old Town that sits above the newer parts of the city."

    The Jet d'Eau


    Note from author :

    Don't forget your brolly!

    The famous Jet d'Eau in Lake Geneva is the pride of the city: it sends half a cubic metre of water per second to a height of 140m at 200 km/h... From Quai Gustave Ador, you can walk right to the foot of the fountain. Watch out if it's windy! Umbrellas and raincoats recommended!

    Quai Gustave-Ador, 1207 Genève, Suisse 1207 Genève

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