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Geneva is not defined by its water-shoot, its banks and chocolatiers! Follow Solène to discover unusual interesting places through the city.

Graffiti Tags


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Discover the local graffiti tags

In this discreet and quirky place, between the Rue de Montbrillant 18 and the Passage de la Gare-Souterraine, stop and admire the graffiti tags. Because Geneva is also a city that is hopping culturally and artistically. In these buildings you will also find artists' workshops and a bar. Continue on a bit further in the direction of the des Grottes neighborhood to watch the tags be replaced by flowered façades.

Rue de Montbrillant 18, 1201 Genève, Suisse 1201 Genève

Port des Mouettes


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Cross the bay by “mouette” (seagull)

Not on the back of a bird, I assure you! But take advantage of your public transit card to get onboard a “mouette,” those little boats doing the crossing of the bay. Go to the Eaux-Vives neighbourhood in order to pass as close as possible to the water jet and test out the various available itineraries to discover Geneva from the water. This is my favorite mode of transportation, especially on sunny days.

Quai du Mont-Blanc 8, 1201 Genève, Switzerland

Parc des bastions


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Match wits with the chess masters

I can spend time watching the usuals play chess right in the middle of the Parc des Bastions. If I knew how to play I would try to see how I matched up to these passionate players, but that isn't the case. But is it that way for you? Would you know how to sit down at a table or how to move the giant pawns to create a full-scale checkmate?

Promenade des Bastions 1, 1204 Geneva, Switzerland

Marché de Plainpalais

Flea market

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Unearth an unusual object

I most like to go wandering around the Plainpalais flea market on Saturdays. The traders empty their trucks and it's the ideal time to purchase a few trinkets, old objects, unusual masterpieces and ancient gadgets. The atmosphere that reigns over this is always convivial and I like to stroll between the stands on days when it's nice out.

Plaine de Plainpalais, Genève, Switzerland

Your trip in Geneva

  • Bois de la bâtie


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    Free zoo right in the centre of town

    Here's a place that will thrill the kids just as much as the adults: the zoo de la Bâtie. I like to stroll through the park amid the deer, peacocks, birds and farm animals... Right in the centre of town, who would have thought it? Entry is free and some pleasant times can be had. Just next to it there is a forest through which you can walk before going down to the bank of the Rhône.

    Chemin de la Bâtie 4, 1213 Petit-Lancy, Switzerland

    Quai du Rhône


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    The beach of the connoisseurs

    Translucent water, hovering around 25° in high summer, and landscaped pontoons. This is my little corner of paradise as soon as the weather turns nice. Near the Junction you can find a trailer by which you can sip a beer while ensconced in a deck chair. On days when the current is strong it is even possible to let yourself float down the Rhône on an inflatable raft. But be careful not to drown!

    Quai du Rhône, Genève, Switzerland

    Na village


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    An oasis of peace

    The building does not really make you want to cross the threshold, however what you will discover behind the doors will certainly please you as much as it did me. The Na Village is a little corner of Thailand lost in the Saint-Jean neighborhood, with Thai dancers who put on a good show and tables spread out outside between the water and greenery. And of course the food is excellent!

    Rue de Saint-Jean 57, 1203 Genève, Switzerland

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    Tranchée couverte Saint Jean

    Unusual visiting experience

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    Artists' workshops

    This is a fairly unknown place, even to the Genevois, which is bursting with family and professional workshops. Ceramics, model-making, painting, pottery, alternative medicine and sewing: do like me and go looking to meet the creators. The area is pedestrian and features games for children, a paddling pool that is jam-packed in summer, greenery, and for eating, opt for Les Tilleuls, the restaurant that was voted as having the nicest patio in the city.

    Rue De-Miléant, 1203 Genève, Switzerland

    Quartier des Schtroumpfs


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    Extravagant buildings

    I really like the slightly alternative des Grottes neighbourhood, situated behind the railway station, and most of all its famous buildings with crazy curves and striking colors that make you think of the little houses of the Smurfs. Don't hesitate to get close to the buildings to look at all the little details of this fantastical architecture, which harks back a bit to the works of Gaudí.

    Rue Louis-Favre, 1201 Genève, Switzerland

    I really like the slightly alternative des Grottes neighbourhood, situated behind the railway station.

    Chez Quartier


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    Unusual tea room

    The place is completely offbeat, decorated by makeshift bits and pieces, and has become an institution. Here the people know and trust one another. I love to set myself up on the patio after having served myself from the display of sandwiches, toasts with jams, and homemade pastries. When you go to pay, they trust you when you list all the things you ordered.

    Rue Voltaire 24, 1201 Genève, Switzerland

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