SNCF & Lyria Combined Offers 10 discounted connections to Switzerland

Now you can book some destinations with a connection and save 40%* or more off the Swiss train ticket price. Visit Montreux, Lucerne, Vevey, Bienne, Paris...

New destinations with TGV Lyria!

Discover intimate and charming Swiss and French cities by booking a TGV Lyria train ticket! A way off the beaten path to get lost in the heart of the country.

  • Vevey is delighted by its walk along the shores of Lake Geneva, with its palm trees and flower beds.
  • Capital of the Riviera vaudoise", Montreux is associated with the famous Montreux Jazz Festival, with its many headliners.
  • Lucerne contains the famous Pont de la Chapelle, a medieval wooden structure on the shores of Lake Lucerne.
  • In Bienne, "the watchmaking metropolis", the old town and the Swiss craftsmanship have kept their original charm.
  • Bordered by renowned peaks, Interlaken is an international resort and congress destination.
  • Bern is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, for its intact medieval center.
  • The multicultural city of Zurich offers countless activities to entertain visitors.
  • The pedestrian zones and the historic heart of Olten are just as impressive as the possibilities for excursions in the countryside.
  • Recognizable by its 12th century castle, Thun is appreciated on steamers, and on the terraces adjoining its lake.
  • Spiez is surrounded by hills and vineyards: an unforgettable panorama.

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Offer details

  • -40%* minimum on CFF train ticket
  • Destination: to Vevey or Montreux, via Lausanne, and to Lucerne, Bienne, Interlaken East, Interlaken West, Bern, Zurich, Olten, Thun, Spiez, via Basel
  • Departure: from Paris
  • Only on sale via SNCF points of sale

Offer Conditions

*Offer subject to availability and conditions. Offer valid for an international journey with a connection, giving rise to a minimum of 40% off the SBB adult full tariff on the domestic journey only. Offer on sale as of 20 June 2017 for journeys on or after 20 June 2017, departing from Paris, bound for Vevey or Montreux, via Lausanne, and bound for Lucerne, Bienne, Interlaken East, Interlaken West, Bern, Zurich, Olten, Thun, Spiez, via Basel (in both directions of travel). Offer may be combined with any other ongoing promotion or reduced TGV Lyria prices, as well as SNCF and CFF travelcards. Tickets may be exchanged or refunded for the entire journey only. Tickets available in IATA (printable) version only. On sale via SNCF points of sale.

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