Cities served by TGV Lyria trains: Interlaken

The leisure resort of Interlaken has long been a popular tourist destination, drawing mountain sports enthusiasts in both summer and winter. It is nestled in a green plain in the canton of Bern, between the lakes of Thoune and Brienz, surrounded by mountains including the Jungfrau. It is a charming little town with an exceptional location at the heart of the Swiss Alps. 

TGV Lyria journeys from France to Interlaken 

Whatever the season, take the TGV Lyria from Paris to the wonderful tourist resort of Interlaken. You can also reach the town directly from Dijon or Mulhouse. 

Paris <> Interlaken

The TGV Lyria connecting Paris to Interlaken calls at Bern, with one service per day.  The journey between Paris and Interlaken, which takes five and a half hours, takes you through some of the finest sceneries in Switzerland. 

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