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Real-time traffic information

Works around Geneva on the weekend of 24 and 25 November 2018 and on the weekend of 9 and 10 February 2019.

Due to works around Geneva, no TGV Lyria Paris <> Geneva or Marseille <> Geneva will be running on this line.

  • For trips between Paris and Geneva, we recommend you to travel on the Paris <> Lausane line, then use the SBB train connections in Lausanne station.
  • For trips between Paris and Bellegarde / Bourg-en-Bresse, we recommand you to travel with TGV inOUI or TGV inOUI + TER via Lyon or Dijon.


Works on the Paris <> Basel / Zurich line

Due to works between Basel and Zurich, one TGV Lyria in each direction will not run between those two cities. During the works, this section of the journey can be carried out with a SBB train, with a direct connection on the same platform in Basel.

Zurich > Basel > Paris

  • The TGV Lyria 9230 bound for Paris starts in Basel. The journey Zurich > Basel is possible in SBB train: departure from Zurich at 17:34 and arrival in Basel at 18:27, with direct connection on the same platform with TGV Lyria 9230, which departs at 18:34.

Paris > Basel > Zurich

  • The TGV Lyria 9215 coming from Paris will run from the 7 March onwards, departure at 14:23, and will stop at Basel, arrival at 17:26. The journey Basel > Zurich is possible with direct connection on the same platform with the InterCity 581, leaving Basel at 17:33, and arriving in Zurich at 18:26.

SBB trains tickets are available at usual points of sale.

We would kindly advise you to visit and your usual points of sale for regular updates and apologise from any inconvenience caused.


Others traffic information

Traffic information regarding the whole TGV Lyria network can be found in the “Works” infobox.

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