Tips for buying cheap train tickets

1. Plan ahead
Up to 4 MONTHS ahead of your trip!

2. TGV Lyria special offers
Last Minute, Hi Five…

 3. SNCF discount cards

Avantage Famille, Avantage Jeune,

Avantage Week-end, Avantage Senior,

Carte Liberté...

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Cheap TGV tickets: 3 ways to travel smart!

When to book:

  • Book from 10/11 >> winter journeys, from 12/09 to 01/07
  • Book from 11/06 >> winter journeys, from 01/08 to 03/10
  • Book from 11/13 >> winter and spring journeys, from 03/11 to 03/31
  • Book from 11/29 >> spring journeys, from 04/01 to 06/25
  • Book from 02/26 >> summer journeys, from 06/26 to 07/05
  • Book from 02/28 >> summer journeys, from 07/06 to 09/01
  • Book from 05/02 >> summer and autumn journeys, from 09/02 to 12/14

Plan ahead   

Book up to 4 MONTHS ahead of your trip to benefit from prices STARTING AT €29 for tickets between Paris and Switzerland.

Book online to bag the lowest fares.

Top tip: In international first class, your meal is included.

TGV Lyria special offers

Deals throughout the year.

Currently available:

  • Hi Five: Mini-Group offer, from €30
  • Group from 10 persons
  • LMO – Last Minute Offers: for SNCF discount card holders only. Can be combined with discount card fares.

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SNCF discount cards

  • Avantage Famille (for families), Jeune (for young people), Week-end and Senior (for over 60s)​: 30% off
  • Carte Liberté: from 40% off
  • More flexible exchanges and refunds


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