Accessibility for disabled travellers

In French and Swiss train stations, as well as on board TGV Lyria, enjoy specially reserved areas for disabled travellers or people with reduced mobility, and at dedicated fares.

Available services

In train stations and on board TGV Lyria, this symbol  indicates facilities offered to persons with reduced mobility (PRM).

On board TGV Lyria, a first class seat is specifically reserved for wheelchair users in coaches 1 or 11. Don't forget to request this seat when making your booking. 

If this area is unavailable and you can sit in a regular train seat, you may book a standard seat. To comply with safety regulations, your wheelchair must be folded and stowed away and must not obstruct passageways. In this case, contact the help service at the train station on your journey to book assistance. 

Toilets are also specially adapted and accessible for persons with reduced mobility (PRM). 

A "transfer chair" is available on board TGV Lyria. It helps you to move around independently to go to the toilets. To use this chair, simply ask the train manager.

Special fares

Disabled person travelling companion: the person accompanying the person with reduced mobility benefits from a special fare. You will have to show proof of the need for assistance to the person with reduced mobility.

If two disabled persons are travelling together, neither of them may correlatively act as the travelling companion of the other disabled person.

On TGV Lyria, guide dogs for the blind travel free of charge and without tickets.

Assistance services

Travelling from a French train station

The Accès Plus Service makes it easier for you to travel and move about in SNCF train stations and on board TGV Lyria. 
By providing you with a continuous service, from a meeting point in the departure train station right up to when you leave the destination train station, we provide everything to guarantee that you have a pleasant journey whatever your disability is. 
To book the most suitable service for you and your luggage, please contact the SNCF's Accès Plus Service Centre, no later than 48 hours before your journey. 

Please contact us to prepare your journey and obtain information: 

Travelling from a Swiss train station

It is recommended to inform the SBB Call Center Handicap no later than three working days before your departure. Apart from the usual indications, the SBB Call Center Handicap will need to know your seat number and your coach number (as indicated on your booking). 

To better organise your journey and obtain the necessary assistance, you can contact the Call Center Handicap, every day between 06:00 and 22:00 on +41 (0)800 007 102 (freephone number within Switzerland), or:

  • Phone: +41 (0)51 225 71 50
  • Fax: +41 (0)51 225 70 90
  • E-mail: 

Travelling towards Switzerland


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