TGV Lyria second class services

On board TGV Lyria second class, you will enjoy the following services: 


  • Access to the bar coach for food on board
  • Access to the iDCAB service (France)
  • Electrical sockets
  • Pets can travel free of charge if weighing less than 6 kg
  • Possibility of purchasing Paris Metro tickets in the bar coach
  • Access to the byLyria magazine in the bar coach

Good manners

Make phone calls peacefully and without disturbing anyone!

On all TGV Lyria lines, travellers can receive or make calls from their mobile phones. When making phone calls, please respect your fellow passengers and use one of the platforms between two coaches or in the bar coach. In addition, we advise you to turn down your ringtone volume or switch your phone to vibrate. To maintain your privacy and that of your fellow passengers, we also recommend that you talk quietly. 

Plan a trip

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    • Show your ticket on the mobile app.
    • Read information about your journey (location, on-board services, timetables, etc.).
    • Read Lyria news and receive information on traffic conditions directly.

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