Tasty break on board

Providing quality products to satisfy all of your cravings, the bar coach is an ideal place for a tasty break on board. Discover the various services offered by TGV Lyria in terms of meals, snacks or drinks.

The bar coach: a friendly atmosphere on the railway

Located in the middle of the train (coach 4 or 14), the TGV Lyria bar coach offers first and second class passengers a quality restaurant service. In a relaxing environment, you can choose between nibbles, snacks, salads and hot meals as well as from a large selection of hot and cold drinks, to be consumed at the bar or to take away.
We are committed to offering you fresh, quality products that will take you on a journey between Switzerland and France! In addition to traditional French products, customers can also enjoy Swiss specialities. Swiss-made drinks also await you with a selection of wines. TGV Lyria offers Happy Hours between 17:00 and 21:00. You can choose from a range of menus. Discover all of our menus here

In-seat restaurant service, in first class

The Lyriapremière service includes an in-seat restaurant service for our international travellers, and you will be offered delicious menus depending on the time of day. 

 Cheese and cooked meats on the breakfast menu

 Fruits are back during summer

3 different meats depending on what takes your fancy : chicken, turkey and beef

 … But also true vegetarian meals!

* Except Marseille/Nice <> Geneva lines .

Travelling towards Switzerland


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