TGV Lyria company

Feeling curious? Fancy getting to know us? Discover a whole new side to the TGV Lyria company.
It’s so easy with TGV Lyria. Hop on board, enjoy the ride and set off to explore not just one, but two countries, both packed full of surprises.
But do you really know TGV Lyria? We bring our values, ambition, history and teamwork together to deliver just what you need.

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Who are we?

TGV Lyria is the leading provider of transport services between France and Switzerland. A joint venture between national rail carriers SNCF...

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Values and ambitions

We believe it’s possible to create a world in which we travel better, responsibly and enjoyably, while also minimising our impact on the...

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Our Lyria+ service

Key date: 2019. That’s the year our sensational new Lyria+ service arrived. And it’s been a hit with passengers.

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The TGV Lyria team

At TGV Lyria, we want to make your journey a unique experience. Leave stress behind on the platform. Our team is here to take care of...