Meaningful action for the planet

We believe we can create a world in which travel is more sustainable in every way. That’s why we’re committed to reducing our (and your) impact on the planet with the help of our suppliers and partners.

Responsible procurement

Our approach? Shortening supply chains and using the very best ingredients from local and regional producers in France and Switzerland. Our promise: generous, sustainable and seasonal gourmet dining options.

So what does that mean?

  • 100% French meat and sustainable MSC-certified fish (in our sandwiches and hot dishes)
  • More than 90% of the products we use in our catering service are produced in France
  • More than a third the products we use are certified organic or produced using sustainable and seasonal farming
  • Our suppliers are selected locally in France and Switzerland, thereby minimising food miles and CO2 emissions
  • We are focused on reducing waste every day

Sustainable catering by TGV Lyria

Waste reduction

We are fully on board with the French government’s strategy for zero single-use plastic by 2040, and are adapting our food offering accordingly.

Shipping boxes for products are 100% PEFC-certified. Daily deliveries are made using reusable containers and 100% PEFC-certified boxes for most of our single-use items.

Our single-use items and tableware are made from 0% plastic and 100% recyclable materials, such as cardboard, wood, bamboo and paper.

We sort waste in our buffet coach with two types of bins: one for recyclables and another for everything else.

The battle against food waste

At TGV Lyria, we fight food waste every day together with our partners as part of our policy for zero food waste at source and on board.

From the start of the production process to the journey itself, our production centre is fighting food waste and supporting food aid together with partners like Phenix. Three charities have benefited from this food aid: Le Coup de Pouce – Fresnes, Secours Catholique 91 Morangis and Bethel Paris.

In 2022 we:

  • Made EUR 9,173 in donations
  • Prevented 1.95 tonnes of waste
  • Saved 3,895 meals
  • Prevented 4.92 tonnes of greenhouse gasses

Through our collaboration with start-up Phenix, our catering partner Gate Gourmet is fighting food waste.

tgv lyria key figures food waste

Our other environmental initiatives

We are taking the following green steps:

  • Automatically closing doors during maintenance operations to reduce the energy consumption associated with air conditioning trains in summer and heating in winter
  • Installing new, more energy efficient LED lighting on board
  • Training drivers in eco-driving. By adapting their driving style to suit the terrain, they can reduce CO2 emissions by 7% to 8%.
  • Gradually fitting trains with new aerodynamic fronts from 2022

More info: SNCF sustainability initiatives.  

Good to know

But we’re not stopping there. Our staff work all year round to further reduce the environmental impact of our service. We are currently considering:

  • Using fair trade organic coffee and tea
  • Using recyclable paper cups made with a 100% plant-based lining produced using renewable resources
  • Managing waste and recycling in partnership with other stakeholders