Renovated trains, new exterior design Lyria 2020

From 15 December 2019, the single-deck TGV ("POS") trains will be replaced by double-deck ("2N2" or "Euroduplex") trains. The revamping of the fleet also means a new exterior look.

A dramatic new exterior design

TGV Lyria has acquired 15 double-deck trains with renovated exteriors for painting in the colours of the Franco-Swiss brand. This lamination consolidates the Franco-Swiss identity of TGV Lyria. As a matter of fact, the use of the Lyria red means that TGV Lyria can distinguish its trains from those of other rail transporters.

This exterior redesign emphasises:

  • The TGV Lyria logo (obviously!)
  • Red, the historical colour of the brand
  • The identifying arrows ("chevrons") which evoke movement and speed
  • A typographic style reminiscent of the major destinations in France and Switzerland