TGV Lyria Wi-Fi: how to connect

TGV Lyria offers you a connected travel experience, where you can use the Internet free of charge at a speed of 320 km/h. This is a true technical challenge that we have solved in order to be of service to you.
Access the Wi-Fi in all classes of travel on board all TGV Lyria trains and discover the online services.

How to connect to the TGV Lyria Wi-Fi ?

  1. Activate Wi-Fi on your laptop, tablet or smartphone, and choose the network _WIFI_LYRIA.
  2. Open a page on your Internet browser: you will be redirected to the Wi-Fi portal. If the homepage does not display, insert the URL:
  3. On the homepage of the portal, click on the profile pictogram or on the button “Connect”.

N.B.: Google-type mobile applications do not allow you to connect. You have to open your browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge, etc.) to access the Internet on board the trains.

The TGV Lyria Wi-Fi portal and its services

To enhance your journey, we invite you to discover all the features of our TGV Lyria portal, which is accessible by selecting the Wi-Fi network “_WIFI_LYRIA” on your laptop or mobile phone. There is an interactive map for following your journey directly, and you will also find activities for all ages.

  • A TGV Lyria dedicated Wi-Fi portal with content adapted in three languages (French, German and English)
  • Journey tracking in real time with an interactive map and points of interest along the route and at the destination station
  • Information tracking for the journey, disruptions and any connections upon arrival
  • A series of articles presenting the cities on the TGV Lyria network
  • The catering range on offer in the bar coach

How does it actually work?

SNCF has equipped each TGV Lyria train with antennae which enable the 4G network to be picked up from providers. But did you know that at high speed, the connection to the signal lasts less than one minute?

This is why Internet access points have been installed every 3 km on all the main high-speed lines. This means there are more than 1,000 antennae to ensure the connection.

By way of explanation

Imagine several hundred people in your front room, most of them connected to your wireless box. This would be a large number, and gives you an idea of the way it works on the train.

The more people who are connected, the lower the speed. To ensure that all passengers benefit from the free Wi-Fi with a good flow rate, we offer some advice.

Perhaps you want to watch the final episode of your series, enjoy viewing a film with no interruption, or download some large files. We recommend downloading these before you travel.

Thanks to the Wi-Fi, you can work and surf as you wish, for example:

  • Read and respond to 3,000 e-mails
  • Consult web pages for two hours
  • Exchange instant messages for an hour
  • Listen to music during your journey