The TGV Lyria BUSINESS 1ÈRE class

BUSINESS 1ÈRE: A tailor-made, high-end journey, for those looking for a personalised experience.
The BUSINESS 1ÈRE service is available every weekday as well as Sunday lunchtimes and evenings, on Paris <> Geneva, Paris/Dijon <> Zurich/Basel and Paris <> Lausanne routes.

On board services

  • A dedicated quiet coach, perfect for relaxing or working in peace.
  • The comfort of a first-class seat with plenty of leg room.
  • A personalised welcome with a drink and an oshibori (hot towel).
  • A hot meal service, with service on plate at your seat.
  • Unlimited drinks.
  • A refurbished bar coach and a completely redesigned offer with urban, gourmet recipes.
  • Access to the SNCF Grand Voyageur lounge at Paris Gare de Lyon.
  • Free Wi-Fi on board.

Our dedicated on-board staff, trained with our values of Franco-Swiss know-how and excellence, are on hand to meet your needs throughout the journey.

All these services are included in the BUSINESS 1ÈRE ticket. 

The fare’s advantages

  • Total flexibility with free and unlimited exchange and refund.
  • Ease of access on all trains on the same day to the same destination. However passengers are encouraged to exchange their ticket to ensure a reserved seat and the meal service.
  • Fixed fare per destination, whatever the booking and travel dates.

Paris <> Geneva : €205 (CHF 205)

Paris <> Basel : €205 (CHF 205)

Paris <> Zurich : €229 (CHF 229)

Paris <> Lausanne: €205 (CHF 205)

Paris <> Vallorbe: €200 (CHF 200)

Dijon <> Basel: €134 (CHF 134)

Dijon <> Zurich: €148 (CHF 148)

Dijon <> Lausanne: €134 (CHF 134)

Dijon <> Vallorbe: €132 (CHF 132)

How to book BUSINESS 1ÈRE ?

Several sales channels allow you to choose the BUSINESS 1ÈRE class, such as: or

BUSINESS 1ÈRE latest news

Summer break

As every year, the BUSINESS 1ERE service takes holidays during the summer and will be interrupted for 4 weeks, from 29/07 to 27/08/2023 included.  Are you planning a trip France <> Switzerland this summer? You can now book your journey in STANDARD or STANDARD 1ERE!

BUSINESS 1ÈRE special offers

TGV Lyria is offering access to BUSINESS 1ÈRE for holders of SNCF and SBB first class season tickets and the SNCF Carte Liberté.

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