TGV Lyria Corporate Offer "Offre Entreprises" Yes, you can have competitively priced, flexible tickets!

Are you travelling on business between France and Switzerland? Is air travel completely out of the question for you? And are you keen to keep costs down? Our corporate offer "Offre Entreprises" gives you 15% off the STANDARD fare.
By choosing TGV Lyria, you can use your time productively, travel comfortably and with complete peace of mind, while reducing your carbon footprint. As a little bonus, your tickets flex with your timetable, as you can change them free of charge.

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If your travel priorities are:

  • A reasonable price
  • Home (or office) comforts
  • A (more than) peaceful journey

Look no further. Our Corporate Offer "Offre Entreprises"  is just right for you.

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tgv lyria offre entreprises business solution

Are you a large organisation? Looking for a tailor-made solution and individual customer service? Our Grand Compte offer will suit you down to the ground.

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Big travel plans, small carbon footprint

It’s well known that train travel is better for the planet. This is especially true when you travel to another country.

By choosing TGV Lyria, you are choosing first and foremost an environmentally friendly and gentle mode of transport.

France and Switzerland are two countries with a wealth of landscapes and natural beauty to explore, so it’s an essential commitment for us.

The environment and respect for our customers are at the heart of what we do and this includes our sustainable, responsible gourmet catering service.

We also hold AFNOR’S ‘Engagé RSE’ and ‘Responsibility Europe’ accreditations, so we are always on track to do better for you and the world of tomorrow.

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