Your business trip with TGV Lyria

TGV LYRIA offers a full range of services for professionals. With up to 20 daily round trips between France and Switzerland, TGV LYRIA represents a punctual and reliable solution for your business trips.

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Three reasons to choose TGV Lyria for your business trip

TGV Lyria invites you to choose what's best and to benefit from its business offer, which particularly suits to business travelers' needs...

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TGV Lyria corporate offers for your business trips

Do you define your company’s travel policy and/or manage your employees’ business travel with TGV Lyria? Find out about our specific fare...

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Why choose BUSINESS 1ÈRE?

Between price and premium service, why not choose both?

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Why choose STANDARD 1ÈRE?

If you have to make a choice, why not go for the optimum price and comfort?

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Choose Full flexibility with TGV Lyria

Has your meeting been cancelled or your programme changed at the last minute? If you want your train tickets to fit in with your appointment...

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Ecology: TGV Lyria, the champion of travel between France and Switzerland

TGV Lyria has always striven to offer a service that combines convenience and speed and respects the environment. Incidentally, the...

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