Three reasons to choose TGV Lyria for your business trip

TGV Lyria invites you to choose what's best and to benefit from its business offer, which particularly suits to business travelers' needs. More flexibility for more comfort at the best price!

Business travel that’s

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Paris <> Geneva in 3:11
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tgv lyria business travel


City centre to city centre
TGV Lyria - Flexibility

Peace of mind



Reach Switzerland in 3 or 4 hours:

  • Paris <> Basel in 3:04
  • Paris <> Zurich en 4:04
  • Paris <> Geneva en 3:11
  • Paris <> Lausanne en 3:41


  • TGV Lyria connects the heart of Paris to the main Swiss cities.
  • A productive and restful journey from one city centre to another, with plenty of time for yourself.
  • No more wasting time with connecting flights and trains, or endless queues!
  • Free Wifi access


  • TGV Lyria sets out to offer all its business passengers a seamlesss, with immediate boarding.
  • Thanks to our unrivalled punctuality (90%)*, you can arrive at your meeting feeling totally relaxed.

Stay productive and travel by train

TGV Lyria transporation time


Virtual or face to face?

With TGV Lyria for business travel, you won’t think twice about travelling to meet your partners. It’s the solution for staying productive when you travel, while minimising your carbon footprint at the same time.

TGV Lyria gives you:

  • A connected mobile office: free wifi onboard means you can work online for over 80% of the journey time.
  • Less stress: a smoother, simpler travel experience that gives you the freedom to move and do as you please.

 Work, sleep, read or simply relax with peace of body and mind.

Fancy going away to Paris or Switzerland? Get there in only 3hrs
With TGV Lyria