Accommodation in France Where should you stay?

You’ve set your sights on a getaway to France. Once you’ve booked your tickets for a TGV Lyria train service, the next thing to think about is your accommodation. But don’t worry! We’re here to help. Here’s our list of the best (and cosiest) accommodation options. You’ll find the right accommodation for you in France in no time at all. From hotels and holiday cottages to chalets, youth hostels and campsites, there’s something to suit every taste (and budget).

Places to stay in Paris – our top tips

If you’re staying in Paris for the weekend, the rules are pretty simple. Avoid booking at the last minute, choose your favourite...

tgv lyria dijon france cathedral view

Accommodation tips for staying in Dijon

You’d expect to eat and drink well in the city of the Grands Crus but you’ll also sleep comfortably – rest assured. In Dijon and the...

tgv lyria marseille harbor

Places to stay in Marseille Top tips for accommodation

Hey there! You’re already in Marseille. Would you prefer to stay somewhere with a sea view or to be slap-bang in the city centre? Would you...