Visiting Dijon A city of flavours

Have you discovered everything Paris has to offer? Change of plans: it’s off to Dijon! As the cultural capital of an agricultural, culinary and natural region, this city holds the traditional recipe for mustard and it’s waiting for you!

⏱ Let’s go! The recipe for mustard and good wine in just two hours.

Take the train to Dijon and make the most of this paradise of Grands Crus, the Museum of Fine Arts, the covered food markets… Dijon is a place to explore, nurture, eat, share and eat again. With its unique and historic city centre, Dijon is an incredibly vibrant place.

Things to do in Dijon

✨ The good news is, the centre of Dijon is now almost entirely pedestrianised. Here are our top five slightly out-of-the-ordinary local activities you shouldn’t miss out on.

  • In need of a traditional snack when you arrive? Head to the Halles de Dijon covered market. Classed as a historic monument, it is just as nice to look at as it is to eat in! With a bit of luck, you’ll be able to sample some ‘nonettes’, which are traditional Dijon treats.
  • For a little taste of France, just a stone’s throw from the market is Place du Bareuzai and its beautiful carousel. Go for a spin with the kids, if they’re with you, then make a brief stop at the Moulin à Vent for a drink.
  • Excellent! And here’s a cultural tip. Explore the Museum of Fine Arts, which was restored in 2001 and is home to one of the best art collections in France. Really!
  • Got a sweet tooth? For a traditional afternoon tea, head to Maison Millière, the oldest restaurant in Dijon. Savour its regional specialities with blackcurrant and vine peaches. Not far away, you can take a tour of the Mulot & Petitjean shop to, perhaps, uncover the closely guarded secret recipe of mustard.
  • It’s about time to share a grand cru or a local wine. Bourgogne-Franche-Comté is brimming with vineyards to explore… or to taste. Visit La Cave se Rebiffe to indulge in tapas over a delicious drop.
  • Leave the city and escape to Lac Kir. A preferred spot among Dijon residents for a stroll and a swim, this lake is ecologically sustained by the hundreds of species of trees and plants growing on its banks.

📆 When to go to Dijon

📅 Events to attend

  • August Wine Festival. Every other year (even years), you can discover the inimitable Wine Festival. Dress up in your very best traditional outfit, dance the whole night long and, most importantly: taste the wine!
  • October  Trade fair for independent winemakers from Burgundy and the Jura. Seek out the talented winemakers of the region.
  • November International Food Fair. Try all of the unique local delicacies from the region.

⛅ Weather in Dijon

What’s the weather like in Dijon? The Dijon climate is oceanic with a touch of the semi-continental (the secret to winegrowing). The weather in Dijon is nice, though sometimes humid and sometimes rainy, mostly outside of summer, because the city is located in a geographical basin. Don’t worry, there are plenty of places to take shelter. Come prepared with a nice umbrella so you won’t be prevented from making the most of all the city has to offer.

💡 Our Dijon secrets

  • An owl is watching you from one of the external walls of Notre-Dame cathedral. Legend has it that if you touch it with your left hand, your wish will come true! Do you know where to find it?
  • There’s a London phone box hidden in the city… Go find it! Hint: it’s located on the same road as the station, near Place Darcy.
  • The house without a roof on Place Bossuet symbolises the killing of its owner in the 14th century, pâtissier Jean Carquelin, who was accused of having kidnapped children. It is also known as the cursed house. Find out about this story and the legend that followed – terror guaranteed!

Dijon in figures


30 000

Students live in the city: Dijon was named the "best place to study" by l'Etudiant magazine in 2014.


Dijon is the 1st French cultural city, according to Arte!


And the 3rd sporting city in France.

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