What to do in Disneyland© Paris?

Has the magical world of Disney always left you dreamy? Do you know all there is to know about Aladdin, Ariel and Buzz Lightyear? Then it's high time you pay Disneyland © Paris a visit and live a real fairy tale. Visit Disneyland© Paris, the events and rides you won't want to miss! Find out our suggestions on what to do in Disneyland© Paris during your stay.

The magic of Disneyland © 3 hours from Geneva!

As a family, a couple, or with friends, a visit to Disneyland © will always prove successful because the park has something for everyone: for little girls, castles fit for a princess, and for the most daring, Space Mountain. The park is packed full of fun activities and surprises to discover in your one-day or weekend-long visit.

Visit Disneyland © Paris : things to do

  • Start by immersing yourself in the magical atmosphere of Disneyland © by walking up Grande Avenue which leads to Sleeping Beauty's Castle (THE Castle!). The parades are a must and, if you come across Minnie, Goofy or any of the other Disney characters, don't hesitate to take a photo as a memorable souvenir of your trip to see Mickey.
  • For thrill seekers, a tour of Adventureland really is a must: Space Mountain, the Train de la Mine and Indiana Jones will leave you on a high. You don't want to stop there? Then take off to the second park, Walt Disney Studios, to test the Rock’n’Roller Coaster and the Tour de la Terreur (Terror Tower): they are sure to give you goosepumps!
  • First and foremost, Disneyland © is an adventure to enjoy with family or friends. Try out the rides which are accessible to everyone and will plunge you into a magical atmosphere: Buzz Lightyear, It's a Small World ("Les Poupées" for regulars) with its rousing music, the cups from Alice and Wonderland or the Pirates of the Caribbean (with the Blue Lagoon Restaurant hidden in the middle of the ride: it's definitely out-of-the-ordinary!).
  • You just can't leave Disneyland © empty-handed.  And it's just as well because the park has numerous souvenir shops. Princess outfits, pirate swords, teddies galore... Grande Avenuegroups together many of these stores which sell all the goodies you can imagine.
  • After all this action, you need a bit of a breather? Then there's nothing better than dinner in the Disney Village: Planet Hollywood and Annett’s Dinner will immerse you in a very welcoming retro American ambiance.

The best time to visit Disneyland © Paris


  • March – Saint Patrick's Day festival.

The Christmas period is without doubt the most magical : tonnes of decorations and lights, special parades, music and Christmas costumes, spectacular fireworks...

Throughout the entire month of October, the spirit of Halloween takes over the Park : the "Baddies" from Disney take you on mysterious walks, the parades sport Halloween colours and the Park is specially decorated for the occasion.

  • December – An enchanting Christmas.

For one day only (17 March) let yourself be surprised by the Irish ambiance which brings the entire Park to life. The famous Disney characters dress up for the occasion and sing and dance to traditional Celtic music.

  • October – Halloween at Disney.

The climate in Disneyland ©

Disneyland © Paris is situated in the suburbs of Paris where the climate is mild. So, between May and September, the climate is suitable. But be careful, July and August can be a little stuffy (but there will be fewer visitors as it is the period of school holidays). The best time is without doubt Christmas, for a magical and festive ambiance at its height!

Did you know...?

  • In 2013, a Saudi Prince privatised the Park for three days for the modest sum of 15 million euros!
  • Main Street USA (on Grande Avenue) was created using forced perspective. This means that, when you enter the Park, the castle appears to be very far away when in reality it is only about 100 m away.
  • The ride "It’s a Small World" ("Les Poupées") was thought up by Walt Disney for the Universal Exhibition in New York in 1964.

Disneyland © Paris in figures



Disneyland © Paris in figures


Fireworks are set off each year

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