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Working at TGV Lyria means joining a stimulating environment where you’ll be challenged every day alongside talented, friendly colleagues. It’s all about making every journey a unique experience.
How about joining us on our adventure?

5 good reasons to work for us:

  1. We enjoy life here at TGV Lyria. We even call ourselves the Lyria Family.
  2. In our workplace, everyone can express their creativity and put their expertise to work.
  3. We are motivated to make a positive impact in our day-to-day work. And I know we keep saying it, but travelling by train is one of the most sustainable transport options.
  4. Exploration. You’ll become an expert on both of our countries: France and Switzerland.
  5. You’ll develop your customer service and listening skills so you can help make memories and craft wonderful experiences.

Would you like to join the Lyria Family?

Do you prefer:

Commuting into the city?

Working in the heart of Paris?

Having an administrative role?

Then come this way!

Being active and buzzing around?

Cultivating your passion for food?

Looking after customers?

Join us over here!

Our on-board and station-based roles are managed by our mother companies, SNCF and SBB. Interested?

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