Benefit from a wide range of options for the purchase of TGV Lyria tickets, wherever you are.

You can book tickets for TGV Lyria starting at least 4 months prior to the date of travel. You will benefit from the best prices by booking your ticket as early as possible.

When purchasing your TGV Lyria tickets, don't forget to ask about the related conditions for exchange and refund. Your price is clearly shown on your ticket.

Where to book and buy tickets

From France

Tickets can be booked and purchased: 

  • Via our website in the Booking section. You will be redirected to our distributor partner, who will take care of the transaction. 
  • In stations and SNCF stores
  • In SNCF-approved travel agencies
  • By telephone on 36 35. Once the call does through, say "Billet" or enter 3 (cost of a local call). A dedicated bilingual team (French and English) answer you 7 days a week, from 7am to 10pm​​ and is also there to provide information on traffic, train times and services. 
  • From the website 

From Switzerland

Tickets can be booked and purchased:

  • Via our website in the Booking section. You will be redirected to one of our distributor partners or, who will take care of the transaction. 
  • In Swiss stations
  • In accredited travel agencies
  • By telephone, 24/7 via Rail Service on 0848 44 66 88 (CHF 0.08/Min).
  • From the website
  • From the website

Specific information on online booking

From France

Concerning bookings and purchases made online, you can:

  • Have your tickets sent to the address of your choice, free of charge. For this, your request should be made at least 4 days (Sundays and public holidays not included) before the date of departure if you live in France, and 7 days before if you live abroad.
  • Collect your tickets at a station or SNCF store. To do so, please take the travel reference numbers provided and, for payment, show the bank card used at the time of booking or payment.

From Switzerland

In case you didn't receive your tickets at home on time, please initiate following process:

  • Purchase new ticket
  • When on board, ask the train manager for the personalization of your ticket. 
  • Ask for following form : "Après-vente Voyageurs / Envoi à domicile" at a SNCF desk when arriving in France. 
  • To complete process, you must show credit card used at the time of booking, your booking number and a valid ID card. 

If you receive the tickets in the meantime, please return it back at :

Rail Europe
Service clientèle
BP 10012
B-1060 Bruxelles 6

From other countries :

If you live outside France or Switzerland, you can book and buy TGV Lyria tickets: 

  • Via our website in the Booking section. You will be redirected to our distributor partner, who will take care of the transaction. 
  • On for the United Kingdom
  • On for other European countries
  • On for North America 
  • On for Africa, South America and Australia
  • By telephone on: +33(0)1 84 94 36 35.

Payment cards accepted on are those issued abroad by the Eurocard, MasterCard and Visa networks. Please note that for online payments with American Express, and with any other foreign card without an electronic chip.

Punching tickets

When leaving France, you must punch your ticket for any trip between two French cities. For journeys to Switzerland, it is not necessary to punch your ticket. In France, you should therefore keep your TGV Lyria ticket on you until you exit the station of arrival.

When departing from Switzerland (including Geneva), it is not necessary to punch your ticket.

In all cases, you should make sure you take the train for which you booked. In addition, comply with the terms of use for your fare.
Finally, don't forget the documents that justify any reduction you are entitled to.


You can buy a ticket through the overbooking system if the train is supposed to be full. You will thus be able to get on the train but there is no guarantee of a seat. The ticket will indicate a carriage number and will be marked "seat depending on availability". Report to the controller who will help you find a place.

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