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Traffic Information on COVID-19 

Last update: 25/02/2021, 16:50

Our customers and employees' health, safety and well-being are our priority. We are following the information given by the health and governmental authorities on the development of the situation carefully.

Wearing a facemask is mandatory aboard our trains, in stations, as well as on public transport in France and in Switzerland. More information here about our safety and health measures.

  • From 31 January 2021, a negative PCR test dating less than 72 hours is compulsory to enter France territory from the EU, including Switzerland, except exemption motives. Travellers must also carry a sworn statement. Controls may be carried out by the French authorities. More information: link below.

  • A curfew from 18:00 is applied throughout France since Saturday 16 January 2021. Train tickets serve as evidence for travel outside curfew hours. In general, it is advisable to follow the instructions published by the French authorities on

More information:

  • Following a recent announcement by the Swiss Federal Council, new restrictive measures are being applied in Switzerland:

    • The negative PCR test is compulsory for entry into Switzerland from areas classified as high risk (including Ile-de-France/Paris from 22 February).

    • From 8 February, travellers need to record their contact information to enable the federal and cantonal authorities to trace potential Covid-19 contacts:

  • There are some exemptions to the PCR Test, such as: People travelling on business for an important reason that cannot be postponed.

  • We are adjusting our transport plan, see below.

  • Exchanges (excluding any difference in the fare) and refunds are still free of charge for journeys until 31 March. Tickets for international journeys from 1st April 2021 can be refunded with a cancellation fee of  €30 / CHF 33 : more infos on the exchange/refund webpage.

  • In addition, bar catering is no longer provided until further notice, and the BUSINESS 1ÈRE class as well as its serving of hot meals at seat are suspended. Due to the current situation and the uncertainty of the next few months, we are not planning a date for the resumption of the BUSINESS 1ÈRE service in the short term.


The following trains are open for booking.

Please check these tables regularly for updates.

Transport plan, valid from 12 February to 28 March inclusive.

Running trains, below.

N° TGV Lyria

Departure: Lausanne

Departure: Geneva

Arrival: Paris

9760 (2) (3)  / 06:29 09:42
9264  07:23 / 11:04
9764 (4) (5) / 08:29 11:42
9770 / 12:30 15:42
9270 16:23 / 20:04
9780 / 18:30 21:42

N° TGV Lyria

Departure: Paris

Arrival: Geneva

Arrival: Lausanne

9261 07:56 / 11:37
9763 08:18 11:30 /
9773 12:18 15:30 /
9277 17:56 / 21:37
9781 18:18 21:30 /

N° TGV Lyria

Departure: Zurich

Departure: Basel

Arrival: Paris

9206 (3)




9210 (4) 09:34 10:34 13:38
9222 13:34 14:34 17:38
9230 17:34 18:34 21:38

N° TGV Lyria

Departure: Paris

Arrival: Basel

Arrival: Zurich

9203 07:22 10:26 11:26
9213 12:22 15:26 16:26
9223 18:22 21:26 22:26

(2) Does not run on Saturdays.

(3) Does not run on Sundays.

(4) Only runs on Sundays.

(5) Only runs on Saturdays.


In order to offer maximum flexibility to passengers, TGV Lyria is putting commercial measures in place in line with its distributors, SNCF and SBB, and according to the recommendations of the local authorities. The exact conditions of exchange / refund depend, therefore, upon the distribution channel used when purchasing the ticket:

  • If you booked your ticket via SBB: at the ticket counter or via the SBB Contact Center. Contact SBB customer service. Exchanges are still free of charge (excluding any difference in the fare), refunds are free of charge for all travels up to 31 March. For journeys from 1st April 2021, a cancellation fee of €30 / CHF 33 will be charged
  • If you booked your ticket via, or another SNCF distribution channel:

- Before departure of the train: exchange free of charge (excluding any difference in the fare), refund free of charge for all travels up to 31 March and at €30 / CHF 33 for tickets on journeys from 1st April 2021 via the tab "My bookings"

- After the departure of the train: refund online at SNCF customer service: > “SNCF at your service” > “Complaints” > reason: “I have not used my ticket”.

  • If you booked your ticket via a travel agency, please contact them directly to find out the exact exchange / refund conditions.

The SNCF sales areas at Gare de Lyon are open.

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