Documents and procedures

Travel requires careful planning. But don’t worry, we’re here to help. We’ve got all the tips you need for problem-free, carefree travel. Back your bags and let’s go!

tgv lyria shoipping vallee village paris

Duty free

All the information to know on how to get refunded the taxes on your purchases.

tgv lyria currency in switzerland and france

Currency exchange

Although most points of sale in train stations and border areas accept Swiss and French currency, you need to plan ahead and change some...

tgv lyria train tickets

Train tickets and subscriptions to be brought on board

Our train managers check tickets and eligibility documents on our services. You must present a valid ticket and, if applicable, the relevant...

tgv lyria travel documents

Identity papers

You must carry valid identity documents on board TGV Lyria services.

tgv lyria bar coach catering le deli payment

Payment methods permitted on-board

The TGV Lyria bar carriage accepts different payment methods. Cards, cheques and different currencies: make life easier for yourself!