Documents you need

Before catching your TGV Lyria, please consult the list of documents that you will need throughout your journey.
You will also find a few guidelines to make sure you have the correct documentation and to travel with peace of mind.

tgv lyria shoipping vallee village paris

Duty free

All the information to know on how to get refunded the taxes on your purchases.

tgv lyria currency in switzerland and france

Currency exchange

Although most points of sale in train stations and border areas accept Swiss and French currency, you need to plan ahead and change some...

tgv lyria train tickets

Train tickets and subscriptions to be brought on board

Tickets are checked by train managers during the journey. You must be able to present valid documents for the fare you have selected at all...

tgv lyria travel documents

Identity papers

For any travel with TGV Lyria, please keep your up-to-date identity documents on you in case of an inspection.