Train seating map Train layout

Travelling with us soon? We’re delighted to welcome you on board. Take a look at this plan to find your seat and see the layout of your travel class for yourself. Travel with us and you’ll be able to explore your heart out.

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Train layout

All of our trains are made up of 8 coaches:

  • 3 first-class coaches (STANDARD 1ÈRE and/or BUSINESS 1ÈRE depending on the destination and day of travel) for working, sleeping, chatting to your neighbour, planning your adventures or eating a good meal. What do you mean, we’re here already?
  • 4 second-class coaches (STANDARD), our best-value class
  • 1 buffet coach located in the middle of the train, available to everybody, so you can treat yourself at any time of the day

TGV Lyria coaches are numbered 1 to 8 and/or 11 to 18.

Looking for your seat? Drop off your luggage stress-free and find your seat number, which is conveniently located above the seats.

Your ticket will state whether you are seated on the upper deck (so you can admire the view from up high) or the lower deck (for those who want to keep their feet on the ground).

💡 Rules on board

Pssst. You probably already know this, but a reminder never hurts.

  • Smoking (including vapes and e-cigarettes) is not allowed on TGV Lyria trains, including in the toilets.
  • For everyone’s comfort, please put your phones on silent mode and make any calls from the gangways at the ends of each coach, or in the buffet coach.