Train Lake Geneva–Paris Timetables, journey times and prices for carefree travel

Do you love to be (well) prepared? We’re going to let you in on all our secrets, including train times, journey times and ticket prices.
Here’s all the information you need for a carefree journey to Paris from the Swiss/French border region around Geneva. You can be there in just 3 hours!

Your train journey Lake Geneva-Geneva-Paris

With Léman Express and TGV Lyria, exploring the shores of Lake Geneva and getting to Paris couldn’t be easier.   

Léman Express, the train connecting the greater Geneva region 

Leman express network

View the network map in PDF format. 

With 230 km of track and six lines, Léman Express connects 45 French and Swiss stations between Coppet, Geneva, Bellegarde, Saint-Gervais-les-Bains-Le Fayet, Annecy and Evian-les Bains. 

For train times, head over to the Léman Express, SBB and SNCF websites. 

TGV Lyria, the best way to reach Paris from Geneva 

Geneva is the stepping stone between the shores of Lake Geneva and the French capital. 

With TGV Lyria departing every 2 hours (no less), getting to Paris couldn’t be easier.  

We’re sure you’ll find the perfect option from our eight daily return services between Paris and Geneva.

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A chance to travel through Bellegarde, Nurieux and Bourg-en-Bresse.

So yes, you'll get to see the changing landcape out of the train window. Keep your eyes peeled and enjoy the view.

Cross-border adventures with Léman Express 

Léman Express covers the Swiss cantons of Geneva and Vaud, as well as the French departments of Ain and Haute-Savoie. It offers opportunity aplenty for day trips from Geneva to the surrounding region.  

There’s no shortage of things to do and see either side of the border: 

  • Art and culture, wellness retreats and water sports on Lake Geneva and Lake Annecy 

  • Ski trips and mountain biking, spa treatments and museum visits in the French Alps 

  • Food and wine tours in the Mandement villages (Satigny, Russin and Dardagny) and Haute-Savoie 

  • Walking in the Etournel nature reserve, along the river Rhône or in the Pertes de la Valserine canyon… 

You won’t have time to get bored! 

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