Production and design:

4-6 Passage Louis-Philippe
75011 Paris (France)


Photo Credits:

Christophe RECOURA
2013-Montreux Jazz International SA
ST " Markus Buehler-Rasom 2014
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Zurich Tourism
Bâle Tourisme
Genève Tourisme
Zermatt Tourismus
Valais Tourismus
CRT Ile de France
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Marseille Tourisme
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Bruxelles Tourisme


Artwork Credits:

Airplane-Seat designed by Adam Mullin from the Noun Project
Chair designed by Samuel Menezes de Araujo from the Noun Project
Room Service designed by CK from the Noun Project
Train designed by Roman Kovbasyuk from the Noun Project
Camera designed by Sven Gabriel from the Noun Project
Sun created by SuperAtic LABS from the Noun Project
Partly-cloud by SuperAtic LABS from the Noun Project
Rain by SuperAtic LABS from the Noun Project
Blizzard by SuperAtic LABS from the Noun Project
City by Thibault Geffroy from the Noun Project
Meat by Christopher T.Howlett from the Noun Project
Mask by Adriano Emerick from the Noun Project
Cheese by misirlou from the Noun Project
Mountain by misirlou from the Noun Project
Pigeon by Juan Pablo Bravo from the Noun Project
Fireworks by Vivian Ziereisen from the Noun Project
Rose by Juan Pablo Bravo from the Noun Project
Vegetarian by Matthew Hawdon from the Noun Project
Theater by Travis Beckham from the Noun Project
Ruler by Eugen Belyakoff from the Noun Project
Student by Tyler Glaude from the Noun Project
Trophy by Mani Amini from the Noun Project
Hotel-Rating by Hunotika from the Noun Project
Drinking-Founting by Luis Prado from the Noun Project
Chocolate by Amos Kofi Commey from the Noun Project
Park by SuperAtic LABS from the Noun Project
Museum by SuperAtic LABS from the Noun Project
Government by SuperAtic LABS from the Noun Project
Gondola by Marco Acri from the Noun Project


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