Your pet can travel with you on board TGV Lyria trains. However, you must follow a few rules.

Small pets travelling in a carrier

Small domestic pets can travel on board TGV Lyria. They must be transported in a bag or closed basket no bigger than the maximum dimensions of 45 x 30 x 25 cm. They must be placed on your lap or at your feet.

From 23/06/2022, passengers must purchase one ticket per carrier at a fixed cost of €7.

Dogs travelling on a leash and with a muzzle

Dogs on a leash can travel on board TGV Lyria for international journeys. They must be muzzled for the entire journey and sat at your feet.

Passengers must purchase a ticket at a fixed price of €20.

Where can I book my pet’s ticket?

  • SNCF: from SNCF Connect or SNCF self-service ticket machines, ticket offices or shops
  • SBB: from SBB station ticket offices