CSR TGV Lyria - Committed to the environment

Did you know? Travelling between France and Switzerland by TGV Lyria means choosing a more environmentally friendly form of mobility. Indeed, compared to other modes of transport, our trains have the smallest carbon footprint!

We place the needs of both our customers and the environment at the heart of our actions, and are committed to going even further, particularly through sustainable and responsible catering. Find out more about the various environmental issues we are tackling and our two labels: Engagé RSE and Responsibility Europe, awarded by AFNOR Certification.

Ecology: TGV Lyria, the champion of travel between France and Switzerland

TGV Lyria has always striven to offer a service that combines convenience and speed and respects the environment. Incidentally, the...

Our catering: an eco-responsible ambition

In order to provide you with a sustainable and responsible range, whether it is in the bar coach or in BUSINESS 1ÈRE, TGV Lyria is committed...

TGV Lyria awarded Engagé RSE and Responsibility Europe labels

Whether you’re travelling for business or pleasure, TGV Lyria continues to support you with sustainable transport between France and...

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