Our catering: an eco-responsible ambition

In order to provide you with a sustainable and responsible range, whether it is in the bar coach or in BUSINESS 1ÈRE, TGV Lyria is committed to improving its environmental impact in cooperation with its suppliers and partners. We are adopting an approach which responds to the requirements of our passengers in terms of quality and respecting the environment.


  1. TGV Lyria is committed to providing a sustainable catering range based on short range procurement and seasonal recipes which respect the environment to meet your requirements.
  2. TGV Lyria applies a zero plastic policy for single-use products (exclusive of packaging).
  3. TGV Lyria is fighting food waste before and after the journey with partner associations.

Responsible procurement

TGV Lyria gives priority to short range procurement and the best of French and Swiss products, mainly originating from local and regional farms. We have already put our activities in place :

  • 90% of our catering products are made in France. Our suppliers are selected locally, ensuring a maximum reduction in transportation times and CO2 emissions.
  • 40% of our products are certified organic or come from sustainable agriculture.
  • Use of ripe seasonal fruits and vegetables.
  • 100% of the meat in our sandwiches and hot dishes is French.
  • 100% of the fish with MSC label is from sustainable fishing.
  • Adhesion to animal well-being checked by our suppliers.
  • Our production centre is ISO 20121-certified for catering activities.

Sustainable catering by TGV Lyria

Waste reduction

In compliance with the French government’s zero disposable plastic strategy between now and 2040, we are continuing with revision of the catering range via several specific measures :

In the next few years, the catering service wants to replace the plastic containers that are still in use (currently the only option for maintaining pasteurisation conditions and optimum freshness) in favour of ecologically responsible solutions offered by suppliers. 

  • Transport boxes for products are 100% PEFC-certified. Daily deliveries are made using reusable transportation trays and cardboard boxes which are PEFC-certified for a major part of our disposable items.

  • Use of 100% recyclable material and 0% plastic, such as cardboard, wood, bamboo fibre, paper and kraft paper:
    • Since 2018, for hot drink cups, plates, stirrers and bags
    • From July 2021, for cold drink cups, cutlery and its packaging and hot drink lids

The battle against food waste

TGV Lyria fights food waste with its partners every day thanks to a responsible “zero food waste” policy at source and on board.

From the start of the production cycle and before the journey, our production centre is fighting food waste and contributing to food aid with its partners: Les Restos du Cœur, Fondalim and Too Good to Go.

After the journey, our unsold food is collected by our French partner Phénix and distributed to 7 local associations, including French Popular Relief and Apprentis d’Auteuil

TGV Lyria lutte contre le gaspillage

Ecologically responsible development in the SNCF Grand Voyageur lounges

The SNCF Grand Voyageur lounge at Paris Gare de Lyon, which welcomes international passengers in STANDARD 1ÈRE and BUSINESS 1ÈRE, is also implementing several activities:

  • Recyclable cardboard cups with laminated plastic cup base
  • Stirrers made of recyclable cardboard

Other activities are planned to further reduce the environmental impact of the services:

  • Organic fair trade coffee and tea ranges
  • Recyclable cardboard cups with 100% plant-based lamination made from renewable sources
  • Working on waste management and sorting, in conjunction with the various stakeholders.