Opening of TGV Lyria ticket sales

The opening of ticket sales at TGV Lyria is when you can start to book your train tickets, up to 4 months before your journey.
This ensures you have the chance to obtain lower prices, on journeys between France and Switzerland.
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The next opening of ticket sales

Tick tock, tick tock ...

Opening of ticket sales for Christmas and New Year!

From 6 October, book your TGV Lyria train tickets, to travel from 13 December 2020 to 4 January 2021 between France and Switzerland.

The number of low price tickets from €44 / CHF 49 is limited.

>> First come, first served!

EXCEPTION: Sales open on 14 October on SBB channels.


For greater flexibility, you can still obtain ticket exchanges or refunds at no charge.

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Opening of ticket sales in 3 words

  • Anticipation : TGV Lyria train tickets are available up to 4 months in advance.
  • Adaptation : if construction work on the tracks is planned or if there is a change in the timetables, the date of availability of the tickets may be affected. Please consult our traffic information page beforehand.
  • Action : there are a limited number of seats at low prices. The less expensive tickets therefore go very quickly, particularly on high-demand routes, during the peak season or at peak times.

 >> In short: be prepared so you can plan your journey at the lowest prices.


Calendar of opening of ticket sales for TGV Lyria


Opening of ticket

Travel dates

Wednesday 1 July 2020* 2 November to 12 December 2020*
Tuesday, 6 October 2020 13 December 2020 to 4 January 2021
Thursday 5 November 2020 5 January to 28 March 2021
Monday 30 November 2020* 29 March to 2 July 2021*
Tuesday 09 March 2021 3 July to 29 August 2021
Thursday 29 April 2021* 30 August to 11 December 2021*


* Opening of "sliding" sales: 
Tickets are available 4 months in advance. 
Example: On 30 November sales are open for a trip on March 30, on 01 December sales are open for a trip on 31 March, on 02 December sales are open for a trip on 01 April, etc.

New Lyria 2020 Offer

From 2020, travellers can benefit from the following new elements on TGV Lyria:

  • A completely renewed and renovated fleet
  • An increased transport capacity
  • A simplified transport plan

Consult the New frequencies page.

Consult the Timetables page.


You will find further information on the new offer on the Lyria 2020 page.