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To organise your journey between Dijon and Switzerland under the best conditions, look up practical information from TGV Lyria: timetables, journey, stations served, fares, etc.

Well-known throughout the world for its alpine massifs with snowy hillsides and its vast mountain lakes, Switzerland is also very much appreciated for its cultural heritage, its villages and its towns with their superb historical centres.

Timetables for trains from Dijon to Switzerland

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TGV Lyria operates 6 daily outward and return trains between Dijon and Switzerland from Monday to Sunday.

Dijon-Lausanne 09:34 TGV Lyria 9261 2:03 Book From €29
Dijon-Lausanne 13:34 TGV Lyria 9269/69 2:03 Book From €29
Dijon-Lausanne 19:34 TGV Lyria 9277 2:03 Book From €29
Dijon-Zurich/Bâle 12:00 TGV Lyria 9211 2:26/1:26 Book From €29
Dijon-Zurich/Bâle 14:00 TGV Lyria 9213/33 2:26/1:26 Book From €29
Dijon-Zurich/Bâle 20:00 TGV Lyria 9223 2:26/1:26 Book From €29

Switzerland in 1h30 to 2h30 from Dijon

Dijon is only 1 hour and a half from Bâle, 2 hours from Lausanne and 2 hours and a half from Zurich thanks to TGV Lyria, which covers this distance at a speed of 320 km/h.

From city centre to city centre, TGV Lyria provides the fastest and most comfortable transportation from Dijon to Switzerland.  Your TGV Lyria train leaves from Dijon-Ville station and takes you to Lausanne station, Zurich station or Basel SBB station. The latter is the largest border station in Europe, and is also ideally located, very close to the old town, and not far from the shops and restaurants.  

With TGV Lyria you can make the best use of your time between Dijon and Switzerland by relaxing or being productive, particularly thanks to the free Wifi on board ! It is a smooth journey without the inconvenience of connections and with no queuing.

Towns served by this train

The TGV Lyria Dijon <> Lausanne stops at Dijon, Dole, Frasne and Vallorbe and stop at Mouchard, according to the timetables.

  • Dijon
  • Dole
  • Mouchard
  • Frasne
  • Vallorbe
  • Lausanne

The TGV Lyria Dijon <> Zurich/ Basel stops at Mulhouse.

  • Dijon
  • Mulhouse
  • Basel
  • Zurich

Cheap train Dijon Switzerland

To obtain your Dijon-Switzerland train ticket at the best price, we recommend booking in advance. With TGV Lyria, if you reserve your ticket 6 months before departure, you could benefit from the lowest prices, from €29. In short - plan ahead!

If you are travelling as a family with children or teenagers, SNCF discount cards are available for young people. There are other beneficial fare options for those aged 60 years plus or for frequent weekend travellers. 

Other solutions are available for booking your train ticket at the lowest fares.

All our tips for travelling at lower prices.

How much does it cost to travel between Dijon and Switzerland ?

With our range of services that has been designed for your satisfaction, you can now choose between 3 travel classes: BUSINESS 1ERE, STANDARD 1ERE or STANDARD. You will find the class of travel that suits you best according to your requirements, budget and travel dates. 

The fares and conditions for our service range.

Escape to Switzerland in just three hours by train

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Frequently asked questions

  • What is the frequency of TGV Lyria trains from Dijon to Switzerland ?

    There is an average of 6 outward and return trains per day from Monday to Sunday between Dijon and Switzerland. Departures are from Dijon-ville station and arrivals from Basel, Lausanne and Zurich stations. Access all timetables here.

  • What is the journey time from Dijon to Switzerland by train ?

    The journey time varies according to the city of arrival :

    • 1 hour and 30 minutes from Dijon to Basel
    • 2 hours from Dijon to Lausanne
    • 2 hours and 30 minutes from Dijon to Zurich


  • What is the ticket price from Dijon to Switzerland ?

    To travel between Dijon and Switzerland, you can choose between 3 classes: BUSINESS 1ÈRE, STANDARD 1ÈRE and STANDARD. TGV Lyria offers single tickets in STANDARD class at €49 all year round. 6 months before departure, you can benefit from tickets from €29 when sales open.

  • Which cities are served by the train ?

    The TGV Lyria between Dijon and Lausanne stops at Dole, Mouchard, Frasne and Vallorbe. The TGV Lyria between Dijon and Zurich/Basel stops at Mulhouse.