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Montreux, a splendid town next to Lake Geneva, is the perfect destination for a stay as a family or a couple. This town is particularly well-known for the Montreux Jazz Festival which takes place over two weeks each summer. However, there are other gems to be discovered throughout the year, such as Chillon Castle, the Rochers-de-Naye mountain or the Cailler chocolate factory.

Train journeys from France to Montreux

From France, reach Montreux in Switzerland from Gare de Lyon in Paris. TGV Lyria enables you to travel from Paris to Montreux in five hours! 

Paris <> Montreux

Arrive at Montreux station with a direct platform-to-platform connection with the TGV Lyria between Paris and Lausanne, or with the TGV Lyria between Paris and Geneva.

Travelling between Paris and Montreux takes around 4 hours 50 minutes, with 13 services per day. The TGV journey is 3 hours 11 minutes, and the regional express (TER) takes around an hour.

Get into the groove this year at the 57th Montreux Jazz Festival!

And travelling there in a smart way couldn’t be easier!

  1. Book your journey using our exclusive discount code: VPLYMJF23
  2. Hop on board a TGV Lyria train from Paris to Lausanne
  3. Jump on an SBB train service heading to Montreux
  4. Soak up the atmosphere in the town and enjoy the concert line-up 
  5. Head home safely, even if you’re out all night long, as Lionel Richie would say! *

* For more information about transport options during the festival:

The Montreux Jazz Festival in a nutshell

From 30 June to 15 July 2023, Montreux will be opening its doors to welcome you to the iconic Swiss music event – the Montreux Jazz Festival. Devised in 1967 by Claude Nobs, over the years the Montreux Jazz Festival has become a go-to event and a breeding ground for legendary tales and performances.

To give you a taste of what’s on offer, there’s Seal, Bob Dylan, Chris Isaak, Lionel Richie, Lil Nas X, Sam Smith, Sofiane Pamart and many more.


When to book your train ticket

To obtain your Paris-Montreux ticket at the best price, we recommend booking in advance. With TGV Lyria, if you reserve your ticket 6 months before departure, you could benefit from the lowest prices, from €29. In short - plan ahead!

If you are travelling as a family with children or teenagers, SNCF discount cards are available for young people. There are other beneficial fare options for those aged 60 years plus or for frequent weekend travellers. 

Other solutions are available for booking your train ticket at the lowest fares.

All our tips for travelling at lower prices.

How much does it cost to travel between Paris and Montreux?

With our range of services that has been designed for your satisfaction, you can now choose between 3 travel classes: BUSINESS 1ERE, STANDARD 1ERE or STANDARD. You will find the class of travel that suits you best according to your requirements, budget and travel dates. 

The fares and conditions for our service range.

TGV Lyria journeys from Paris

The largest cities in Switzerland are easy to reach in just a few hours from Paris with TGV Lyria.

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Frequently asked questions

  • How can I get to Montreux from Paris?

    To get to Montreux, you need to take the Paris–Lausanne or Paris–Geneva service departing from Paris Gare de Lyon station. You then need to get off at Geneva Cornavin station or at Lausanne to pick up your connection.

  • How many TGV Lyria services are there per day to Montreux?

    You can get to Montreux on any of the 13 daily services between Paris and Lausanne and Paris and Geneva by changing at either Lausanne or Geneva Cornavin station. This page displays the TGV Lyria train timetables in detail.

  • How long does the train journey from Paris to Montreux take?

    The total journey time from Paris to Montreux, including the connection, is under 5 hours. It takes 3 hours 11 minutes to get from Paris to Geneva and then around 1 hour for the TER (regional train) journey from Geneva to Montreux.

  • How much does a ticket cost?

    On the Paris–Lausanne or Paris-–Geneva services, you have a choice of three classes: BUSINESS 1ERE, STANDARD 1ERE and STANDARD. Single tickets in STANDARD class are available from TGV Lyria for EUR 49 all year round. Benefit from tickets starting from just EUR 29 by booking four months before your departure. This price does not include the cost of the TER ticket from Geneva/Lausanne to Montreux.