Special Offer: Exchange and refund for free or for €1 (CHF 2.-)

Are you keen to travel but want to have the option to cancel your trip before departure this summer or autumn?
We are making this easier for you with a special offer: for departures this summer, exchanges and refunds are free of charge up to 31/08.
For departures this autumn, our modifiable tickets purchased up to 31/08 can be exchanged / refunded for €2 /CHF 2.-.

Conditions of the offer

Depending on the booking and travel period, the exchange and refund charges are as follows: 

For a journey this summer

  • Travel dates up to 31 August, booked up to 31 August inclusive.
  • The exchange and refund charge is €0 / CHF 0 (except in the event of any difference in the fare).
  • Offer valid from 28 May for a modifiable ticket booked via the SNCF and SBB channels (all SNCF channels, including ch.oui.sncf and oui.sncf).
  • Only valid for an exchange / refund requested prior to the train departure.

For a journey in autumn

  • Travel dates from 1 September to 12 December for a flexible ticket booked between 9 June and 31 August inclusive.
  • The exchange and refund charge is €1 / CHF 2 (except in the event of any difference in the fare), per person per journey for an individual modifiable ticket valid for international journeys. 
  • Offer valid from 30 June (the day that autumn sales open) for a modifiable ticket booked via the standard points of sale, including the SNCF and SBB channels, approved travel agencies, self-service machines and ticket counters.
  • Valid only for an exchange / refund requested before the train departure.


Sales and information at self-service machines, at stations, from SNCF shops, by telephone on 3635 (service at €0.40/min. + call costs), at OUI.sncf, at SNCF-approved travel agencies, at sbb.ch, at the ticket counter or from Rail Service on 0848 44 66 88 (CHF 0.08/min.).

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