Group travel with TGV Lyria For 10 passengers or more

Travelling as a group of 10 or more for a weekend away, meeting or event? TGV Lyria has the right solution for you. Whether it’s a simple group booking, private coach or chartered train, we offer bespoke solutions complete with exclusive services for groups.

Here’s a closer look at our offers for groups

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On your marks. Get set. Book!

For group bookings

Book unassisted (up to 60 people)

In France 

In Switzerland 



Book with assistance (up to 99 people)

At an SNCF-approved travel agent

 Contact directly

For private train coach (in France only)

Book using the form available from the Strasbourg SNCF shop


For charters

To ensure that we deliver on our promise of a unique travel experience, we go through

your individual needs with the greatest care. Get in touch!

[email protected]

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