The TGV Lyria BUSINESS 1ÈRE class

BUSINESS 1ÈRE: A tailor-made, high-end journey, for those looking for a personalised experience.

Available everyday except Saturdays, on Paris <> Geneva and Paris/Dijon <> Zurich/Basel routes.

Information for journeys from 15 December 2019:

The fare for fully flexible BUSINESS 1ÈRE for Paris <> Geneva / Lausanne is now €195 (CHF 225).

Paris <> Lausanne trains via Vallorbe now have BUSINESS 1ÈRE.

You can travel in BUSINESS 1ÈRE for Paris <> Vallorbe for €190 (CHF 219).

TGV Lyria - Flexibility


...And ease of access

TGV Lyria - Catering service


A wide range

TGV Lyria -  train


A comfortable seat

On board services

  • A dedicated quiet coach, perfect for relaxing or working in peace.
  • The comfort of a first-class seat with plenty of leg room.
  • A personalised welcome with a drink and an oshibori (hot towel).
  • A hot meal service, with service on plate at your seat.
  • Unlimited drinks.
  • A refurbished bar coach and a completely redesigned offer with urban, gourmet recipes.
  • International newspapers and magazines.
  • Access to the SNCF Grand Voyageur lounge at Paris Gare de Lyon.

Our dedicated on-board staff, trained with our values of Franco-Swiss know-how and excellence, are on hand to meet your needs throughout the journey.


All these services are included in the BUSINESS 1ÈRE ticket. 

The fare’s advantages

  • Total flexibility with free and unlimited exchange and refund.
  • Ease of access on all trains on the same day to the same destination. However passengers are encouraged to exchange their ticket to ensure a reserved seat and the meal service.
  • Fixed fare per destination, whatever the booking and travel dates.

Paris <> Geneva : 191€ (CHF 220.-)

Paris <> Basel : 199€ (CHF 229.-)

Paris <> Zurich : 226€ (CHF 260.-)

Dijon <> Bâle : 121€ (CHF 140.-)

Dijon <> Zurich : 146€ (CHF 168.-)

Special Offer


TGV Lyria offers

access to BUSINESS 1ÈRE

to 1st-class SNCF and CFF

subscription holders,

and Carte Liberté SNCF holders!

How to book BUSINESS 1ÈRE ?

Several sales channels allow you to choose the BUSINESS 1ÈRE class, such as: or

To help you make your purchase on or, consult the tutorialS below (in French).

Traffic information - traffic periods

Winter break: the BUSINESS 1ÈRE service will be suspended from Saturday 21 December 2019 to Friday 3 January 2020 and will be resumed on Sunday 5 January 2020. For customers wishing to benefit from the comfort of 1st class seats during this period, we suggest opting for the STANDARD 1ÈRE travel class.

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