Tips for buying best price train tickets

TGV Lyria tickets: 3 ways to travel smart!

1. Plan

Opening of sales:

Yes, the secret is to buy your TGV Lyria train tickets as soon as they go on sale. The sooner the better.

Be prepared so you can plan your journey at the lowest prices.


TGV Lyria is offering a single ticket in STANDARD class for €49 / CHF 49 all year round:

This fare is available up to 4 months and also up to 15 days before departure for certain trains.

You will find a large number of tickets for sale at this rate.

2. Lyria's special offers

Deals throughout the year.

Currently available:

  • Hi Five: Mini-Group offer, from €45 (CHF 45)
  • Group from 10 persons: up to 75% off
  • "No flex" last-minute offer: from €49 (CHF 49), for SNCF discount card holders only. Can be combined with discount card fares.
  • Combined Offers: up to 70% off on the connecting CFF train ticket

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3. SNCF and SBB discount cards and travelcards

These cards and travelcards entitle you to discounts on the TGV Lyria fares or fixed low prices.

SNCF discount cards

  • Avantage Jeune (for young people), Adulte (froim 27 to 59 years) and Senior (for over 60 years)​: 30% off
  • Carte Liberté: up to 60% off
  • More flexible exchanges and refunds

SBB travelcards

  • Half Fare Travelcard: up to 15% off
  • General Abonnement (GA) Travelcard: up to 20% off

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