3 tips for affordable accommodation in Geneva

Fancy a trip to Geneva, but only have a shoestring budget? Here are our top affordable accommodation tips for your stay in the city.

The cheapest option: couchsurfing

You’d like to stay at a friend’s home but don’t know anyone in Geneva? Not a problem! Couchsurfing in someone’s home is easy and safe. A variety of websites exist to put travellers who are on a budget or simply looking to meet new people in touch with people offering a sofa. The most famous of these sites – CouchSurfing – operates on an exchange principle: you can ask to stay on someone’s couch or offer your own for one or several nights, or both!

Couchsurfing is widespread in all major European cities and Geneva is no exception. Not only does it offer accommodation at unbeatable prices, you’ll also enjoy all the creature comforts of home and the fantastic experience of meeting new people.

The family option: bed & breakfast

Half-way between a youth hostel and a hotel, a bed & breakfast is another reasonably priced option. At CHF 150 (€140) per night for two people, you’ll enjoy all the comfort of a hotel but in a private home. It’s also a chance to discover the Genevan way of life and get to know the locals. Unlike couchsurfing, this option guarantees you your own bedroom, with breakfast included!

The friendliest option: youth hostels

Always a favourite with diehard travellers, youth hostels will never go out of fashion. They are popular for their reasonable prices, friendly atmosphere and the opportunity they provide to meet new people. Expect to pay around €30 per night in Geneva for a dormitory bed, including breakfast. And if your budget will stretch a little further, you can also book a room for a couple or a group of friends.

Youth hostels are often superbly located in the city centre, making it easy to get to all the tourist sites. And to keep their guests happy, they often organise group events and outings. So as well as offering cheap accommodation, youth hostels are also a great way of finding some new travelling companions!

Whether you’re in someone’s home or a youth hostel, finding cheap accommodation in Geneva is easy!

Escape to Switzerland in just three hours by train

Escape to Switzerland in just three hours by train
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