A romantic weekend in Switzerland

Vous avez choisi la Suisse pour votre prochain week-end en amoureux mais êtes encore à la recherche d’idées pour organiser votre séjour ? Entre insolite, détente, vin et gastronomie, voici notre sélection pour vous construire les plus beaux souvenirs.

Out-of-the-ordinary accommodation

Weekend getaways are the chance to try out quirky hotels, and in Switzerland, there's something for everyone. Do you like the mountains and aren't afraid of the cold? Sleep in an igloo in Zermatt. It's the ultimate accommodation for couples in search of a romantic stay: sip champagne in the candlelight and use the cold as an excuse to cuddle up closer. Among the other out-of-the ordinary accommodation choices are the yurts in the Montreux region, the luxurious rooms in the Hotel Palafitte, built on stilts in Lake Neuchâtel, or test the white pods in the Giettes resort, luxury tents for ecotourism enthusiasts.

  • Sleep in an igloo in Zermatt: 1 hour from Visp by public transport. 
  • Yurts and Hotel Palafitte in Montreux: situated less than 30 minutes by train from Lausanne
  • The White Pods in Giettes: 50 minutes from Aigle by public transport.

Places to relax

Switzerland is packed full of spas and thermal baths. Sometimes situated in the mountain villages, they are also found in most of the luxury hotels in the cities. It's the perfect opportunity to relax in the thermal baths and unwind with a massage. Among the most well-known and typical are the Bains de Lavey. The heated outdoor swimming pools offer exceptional views of the mountains. If you visit thermal baths in German-speaking Switzerland, don't be too modest; nudism is often the norm!
The Bains de Lavey: 20 minutes by public transport from Aigle or an hour and 15 minutes from Lausanne.

Wine tasting in the Canton of Valais

Switzerland has a rich wine heritage. As the country exports very little, its quality is little known. Each region has its speciality but Valais remains the canton which produces the most. Planted on the mountain slopes, the vineyards form an integral part of the landscape. Why not set off along the wine trail? There are several different itineraries, each with its own charm, in particular the "chemin du vignoble". This trail between Martigny and Loèche-Ville is 74 km long, and you can choose to travel along it by car, bike or foot, all in one go or in several stages. Leave Sierre behind and combine wine tasting with a visit to the Wine and Vineyard Museum, which traces the tradition of wine in Valais. 

  • Wine and Vineyard Museum: in Aigle Castle in Aigle.
  • Start of the wine trail in Martigny: 1 hour by public transport from Lausanne.

Wine and dine with your other half

A weekend getaway inevitably means eating out! When we talk about Swiss cuisine, the first thing that comes to mind is fondue or raclette, specialities of the Canton of Valais. But the other cantons are not to be outdone. In Fribourg (40 minutes from Lausanne), the meringue with double cream is the dessert you just have to try! It is served in most restaurants. You can also buy these products in the dairy aisle to tuck away in your suitcase. In the Canton of Vaud the traditional saucisse aux choux (sausage with cabbage) and the saucisson vaudois (Vaud saucisson) are the must-try dishes. On the banks of the lake, in Geneva or Neuchâtel, savour the perch fillets.

Romantic days out

Are you looking for an activity you can do as a couple during your weekend in Switzerland? Climb aboard one of the CGN's (Lake Geneva General Navigation Company) boats for a cruise! The "Les rivages de La Côte" cruise will allow you to discover the banks of Lake Geneva and at the same time tickle your taste buds. Are you up for something more active? Why not go ice skating on Lac Noir in the winter. A unique setting where you can skate on the frozen lake, nested in the middle of the Fribourg Prealps. If you're more of a thrill seeker, take flight in a hot air balloon. From the Château-d’Oex you can enjoy panoramic views of the Alps and the Prealps.

  • Lake Geneva can be accessed from Geneva and Lausanne (stations where the TGV Lyria stops off).
  • Lac Noir: 2 hours by public transport from Lausanne.
  • Château-d’Oex: 1 hour 35 minutes by public transport from Lausanne.
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