3 tips for affordable accommodation in Switzerland

Forget the stereotypes: Switzerland isn’t an overly expensive country. On the contrary, there are lots of low-budget possibilities for somewhere to sleep!

The cheapest option: couchsurfing

It doesn’t get any cheaper than this! Couchsurfing is a sure-fire way to find free and friendly accommodation, complete with home comforts. If you don’t have friends or family in Switzerland, you can still stay in someone’s home in complete safety. The internet is full of couchsurfing sites that put travellers in search of low-cost accommodation in touch with people all over the world.

On these websites – such as the well-known CouchSurfing and Hospitality Club sites – there are dozens of residents in Lausanne, Geneva or Zurich ready and willing to welcome travellers into their homes. But make sure you plan ahead, as places are always in demand!

The friendliest option: youth hostel

Youth hostels are often a favourite for people looking to meet others. In Switzerland, a night in a dormitory – with anything between 4 and 20 beds, depending on the city and the hostel – costs around CHF 35 (€32). This highly affordable option is also a great way to meet other young travellers, and who knows, maybe meet a travelling companion for the rest of your trip!

The original option: farm stays

For a family atmosphere and an original, affordable experience, nothing beats a farm stay. In Switzerland, a special ‘Farm Holiday’ programme offers a range of addresses, mostly in the east of the country. It is the perfect opportunity to discover the Swiss countryside and its inhabitants in a friendly and unusual way. It’s often the little details that make all the difference – like spending the night in a typically Swiss hundred-year-old farmhouse!

And if you’re really on a budget, why not sleep in the hay! For less than CHF 30 (€27), some farms allow guests to lay out their sleeping bags on fresh straw in the barn! Not only is it cheap, it also promises you an unforgettable experience too!

So whether you stay in people’s homes, in dormitories or on a farm, there’s no excuse for not booking a trip to Switzerland!

Escape to Switzerland in just three hours by train

Escape to Switzerland in just three hours by train
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