Visiting Switzerland Discover this country

Would you like to ski on a mountaintop, hike around a lake, sample some amazing chocolate, admire works of art in an exhibition or simply spend some marvellous moments in good company over a (real) fondue? Switzerland is the perfect place for you. Here are our top tips and suggestions to help you plan your trip. Make the most of the great outdoors!

Switzerland is just a train ride away

From Geneva to Lake Constance, not to mention in Lausanne, Zurich, Basel and the capital Bern, there’s lots to do in Switzerland – in both summer and winter.

The bonus is that our TGV Lyria services make Switzerland easily accessible – with the journey from Paris taking just 3 hours by train.

So, are you ready to explore Switzerland?

When to visit Switzerland

Switzerland has two peak tourist seasons: the first in July and August and the second from December to March. The best time for you to visit Switzerland will depend on what you want to do.

If you’re a winter sports enthusiast, you should plan to visit between November and March. If you’re into hiking, the months of June to September are ideal. And don’t forget springtime and autumn – when you can make the most of the mild weather and stroll along the shores of Lake Geneva or Lake Ticino.

Things to do in Switzerland

What makes Switzerland so special is the diversity created by the origins of its different populations in French-speaking Switzerland, German-speaking Switzerland and Italian-speaking Switzerland. Each area has its own language, adding a unique dash of colour and character to the many different regions. Come and see for yourself.

🌄 Do you like the mountains? Then you can look forward to all kinds of outdoor activities: canyoning, hiking, cogwheel train rides, paragliding, winter sports and cheese tasting. The views will take your breath away.

⛵ Calling all intrepid explorers! You can do lots of different things on Switzerland’s lakes: head off on beautiful excursions on steamboats, dive into frozen lakes high up on the mountains or swim in the crystal-clear rivers.

🎨Switzerland has plenty to offer arts and culture enthusiasts, too. There is no shortage of museums. Some – such as chocolate or watchmaking museums – even take you on a journey of discovery devoted to Swiss icons.

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