More Swiss cities to explore

Switzerland’s a small country with a lot to offer! Still haven’t seen enough? Don’t worry: there are more cities to explore. Savour the authenticity of Bern, the Aare river and the city’s famous Bear Pit, whatever the season. Hike around Interlaken’s beautiful lakes. Or hit the slopes in Neuchatel and try the local cheese while you’re there. Race you to the bottom!

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Interlaken is a small town which takes its name from its geographical position: between two lakes. East of Lake Thoune, West of Lake Brienz...

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There's something different about Bern. It is characterised by a particular atmosphere, where tradition and alternative movements rub...

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Although Neuchâtel is a little off the beaten tourist tracks, at the far end of the lake, this city has a lot to offer. Neuchâtel, a medium...