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Here you’ll find travel news and planned engineering works that will affect our TGV Lyria services.

Transport plan : details of train traffic

Last update: 17/11/2022, 15:16

Travel disruptions 2022

In order to obtain information on travel disruptions until December 11:

Please check the PDF travel disruptions from September to December 2022

Travel disruptions 2023

  • Paris <> Zurich route

Due to railworks on the weekends of 7 and 8, 21 and 22 as well as 28 and 29 January, TGV Lyria trains will not be able to stop at Zurich station, in both directions. Trains will be ending/departing at/from Basel.

Passengers holding a valid TGV Lyria Paris <> Zurich ticket have the possibility to take an SBB train between Basel <> Zurich.

Release of the PDF travel disruptions from December 2022 to June 2023 planned end of November / beginning of December.

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Real-time traffic updates

Real-time traffic information

The timetables shown on our site could vary by a few minutes depending on related engineering works planned throughout the year. However, the times shown on booking platforms and tickets do take these schedule changes into account.