Travelling with kids

Lyria makes travelling with your family easier thanks to its dedicated services.

Areas organised for families

Before you travel, think about booking seats grouped together to accommodate families.

There are two solutions in particular that are available to you:

  • The Family Square: located in cars 6, 16, 7 and 17 in STANDARD (2nd class), this area consists of 4 seats facing one another. The seats and liftable table allow you to make space to store a pushchair.
  • Club 4: an area with 4 seats facing one another and a table in between (non-liftable).

How to go about it: when making the booking, after choosing your train time and class of travel, select your seats: “Family Square” or “Club 4”.

For further information, consult our train plan.

A practical and accessible baby changing station on board

Close to the Family Squares, you will find a baby changing station in car 7 (upper deck) or 17 (upper deck).
Easy to locate thanks to its sign, it is equipped with a changing table.

A changing table is also available in car 1 (lower deck) or 11 (lower deck).

Advantageous fares and reductions for families


TGV Lyria offers very advantageous fares for family travel:

  • Free of charge: for your child aged under 4 years, if you do not book a seat for them.
  • Baby Pass fare: guarantees a seat for your child aged under 4 years. Fixed fare for the travel class with complete flexibility:
    • €15 / CHF 15 in STANDARD for all journeys, except Geneva <> Marseille at €12 / CHF 12
    • €23 / CHF 23 in STANDARD 1ÈRE for all journeys, except Geneva <> Marseille at €18 / CHF 18
  • Child Ticket fare: for children aged 4 to 11 years inclusive.
    • 30% systematic reduction on the adult fare with the same conditions (complete, partial or no flexibility).
  • Lyria and SBB children's fare: for children aged 4 to 15 years inclusive. Fixed fare according to travel class, with full flexibility. Upon presentation of certain SBB children's discount cards. Available via SBB channels.
    • CHF 39 in STANDARD
    • CHF 49 in STANDARD 1ÈRE

How to benefit from them? Simply indicate the age of each child at the beginning of your booking.


You also benefit from lower prices with SNCF discount cards:

  • Avantage cards (all cards: Jeune, Senior, Week-end and Famille):
    • 30% reduction for adults and 60% for children aged 4 to 11 years inclusive (up to 3 children) accompanying the holder of one of these cards
  • Avantage Jeune card:
    • 30% reduction for children from 12 years (up to 27 years)
  • Liberté card:
    • 60% reduction for children aged 4 to 11 years inclusive on the fare paid by the adult holder of the card in STANDARD and STANDARD 1ÈRE for up to 3 accompanying children.

Consider this when purchasing your tickets.

For further information, consult our range of fares.