TGV Lyria train map

Take a look at this map to locate your seat in the train and know the type of coach and equipment available for your journey.

TGV Lyria seating map

Each TGV Lyria train has eight coaches:

  • 3 first class coaches (STANDARD 1ERE and/or BUSINESS 1ERE depending on destinations and travel days)
  • 4 second class coaches (STANDARD)
  • 1 bar coach located in the middle of the train, which is accessible to all.

TGV Lyria coaches are numbered as follows: coaches 1 to 8 or coaches 11 to 18. The seats of TGV Lyria trains have a double numbering depending on the direction of the train. The seating maps show the double numbering. When travelling, only one numbering will be switched on; it will be conform to the information on your ticket.

Take a look at the map for your coach,

"Euroduplex"-type (2 floors) train map


Good manners on board trains

All TGV Lyria trains are completely non-smoking.  

Making phone calls: please respect your fellow passengers and switch your phones to silent mode and make your calls from the platforms between two coaches or in the bar coach.

To be noted

  • If your ticket mentions an upper or lower deck, it means you will be traveling in a Duplex/Euroduplex train. You can then select here below to find where your seat will be.
  • Equipment may be modified before departure of the train.
  • On the Paris <> Geneva route, a Euroduplex type train may be used for your journey, as to ensure continuity of service