Lighten your load and lift your spirits! Whether you are travelling light, loaded, by bike, etc., TGV Lyria does everything to make your life easier.

Take your bike (in a bike bag) on board TGV Lyria

You can take your bike with no booking required

You can take your bike, with the wheels removed and stored in a bag (maximum dimensions: 120 x 90 cm), free of charge and with no booking required in the TGV Lyria storage areas.

Your bike is stored in a reserved location with the Train + bike service

Your bike with its wheels and without a bike bag is stored in a reserved location with the Train + Bike service. This service is available on most of our lines (area dedicated in coach 1 or 11). 

To obtain a space in the bike area, you must book in your bike when you purchase your TGV Lyria ticket. This costs €10.

You can make the booking in your usual SNCF and SBB points of sale, and online on

Instructions to follow for your luggage on board TGV Lyria

  • Pay attention not to obstruct aisles with luggage that is too bulky.
  • Only take luggage with you that is easy to carry and store in the areas provided (luggage racks above your seat, luggage shelves in some TGV Lyria trains, in the middle of the coach, and areas available behind or under your seat). 
  • Please note that there are also storage areas at the ends of the coaches: use them for bulky luggage but avoid placing valuable items there.
  • The items, luggage and suitcases that you are transporting are under your exclusive responsibility. So, don't forget to label them clearly with your full name and address.
  • You are also fully responsible for your bike. You are responsible for loading and unloading it. To respect the comfort of your fellow travellers, we recommend that if travelling with your bike, you may take a train outside of peak times and if you are travelling in a group, please get information in advance.


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