Train ticket prices and conditions - TGV Lyria

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Simplified fares and conditions

Prices, conditions and services from TGV Lyria

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Prices in Switzerland are:

  • for STANDARD from CHF 33.-,
  • for STANDARD 1ERE from CHF 55.-.
  • for BUSINESS 1ERE are: Paris <> Geneva: CHF 219.-, Paris <> Lausanne: CHF 219.-, Paris <> Basel: CHF 223.-, Paris <> Zurich: CHF 254.-

Included in these fare offers:

  • Services available to all STANDARD • STANDARD 1ÈRE • BUSINESS 1ÈRE classes:
  • A refurbished bar coach and Le Deli offer with urban, gourmet recipes.



  • The TGV Lyria service offer guarantees to SNCF discount card holders a discount on the Loisir (Leisure) fare, in comparison to someone travelling without a card (this fare offers partial flexibility on the day):
    • -30% in STANDARD 1ÈRE
    • -30% in STANDARD

SNCF / CFF travelcards

SNCF and CFF travelcards holders as well as SNCF Carte Liberté holders still have same discounts for the 3 new travel classes:

  • SNCF / CFF travelcards in 2nd class and SNCF Carte Liberté >> valid for STANDARD
  • SNCF / CFF travelcards in 1st class and SNCF Carte Liberté >> valid for BUSINESS 1ÈRE or on Saturdays for STANDARD 1ÈRE