Basel What to do in this city ?

Accessible in just 3 hours and 03 minutes by train from Paris, Basel is the cultural capital of Switzerland and the country's third biggest city in terms of the population. It will seduce art, culture and design enthusiasts thanks to its forty museums. Visit Basel, a culture-filled, trendy city. Find out our suggestions on what to do in Basel during your stay.

Just 3 hours from Paris

A real Mecca for architecture, your visit to Basel will take you on a journey though history due to the diversity of the buildings,ranging from medieval to contemporary works of art.
Basel also has a lot to offer in terms of music. The concerts held in the city will delight classical music, rock and even musical enthusiasts.
You won't be short of ideas for places to visit in Basel. Now all you have to do is decide which appeal to you most!

Visit Basel: things to do

How about experiencing a cultural weekend in spring? Maybe a café offering Läckerli biscuits, a morning at the museum, or a hike on the Three Country trail in the sunset.

Stan Wawrinka offers you all his travel advice for a successful city break in Basel, the city of 40 museums. And here are some other great tips TGV Lyria has selected for you:

  • Visit for example Fondation Beyeler, Vitra Museum, Musée du Papier (paper museum) and even the Musée du Jouet (toy museum), there's something for everyone!
  • Attend a musical put on by the "Musical Theater". If you're more of a classical music fan, the Basel symphonic orchestra should be right up your street.
  • Visit Basel by setting off to discover the contemporary architectural works of art as soon as you step off the TGV Lyria, as the station itself is a remarkable building. Renzo Piano, Herzog and de Meuron or even Mario Botta are just a few of the names to have left their mark on the city.
  • Cross the Rhine on foot or by bike, making your way along the passerelle des Trois pays and enjoy views of Switzerland, Germany and France.
  • Discover the Basel zoo, a huge animal park situated in the heart of the city which is home to around 600 animal species.

The best time to visit Basel

Events in Basel

  • February/March - Carnaval de Bâle (Basel carnival).

In the heart of the old town, immerse yourself in the magic of Christmas at the country's biggest Christmas market.

The biggest modern art fair in the world which takes place every year. 

  • December Christmas market.

The entire city revolves around the biggest carnival in Switzerland, in which all the inhabitants participate. Something you'll want to experience!

  • June - Art Basel.

The climate in Basel

Basel has a continental climate characterised by a strong contrast between the hot, sunny summers and cold, snowy winters. During the summer months, you can take advantage of the beach ambiance on the banks of the Rhine. In winter, opt for a museum or the region's thermal baths. You can visit Basel at any time of year!

Did you know...?

  • In the summer, you can swim in the Rhine. The inhabitants of Basel all have their own waterproof bag where they put their clothes before allowing themselves to be carried along by the current while admiring the city. Somewhat original just a few hours from Paris by train don't you think?
  • The Basel region is called the "country with three borders". You go from Switzerland to Germany and France within the space of a few minutes!
  • Basel is the home town of the famous tennis player Roger Federer.

Basel in figures



museums spread out over 37 km², Basel apparently has the highest density of museums in Europe.


hours, it's the exact duration of the Basel carnival. Hours during which the city is completely dedicated to partying!

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