Lausanne What to do in this city?

Lausanne benefits from an exceptional geographical situation which places it in the heart of the Lemanic Arc and more importantly gives it a stunning view of the Alps and Lake Leman. Visit Lausanne, the Olympic capital on the banks of Lake Leman. Find out our suggestions on what to do in Lausanne during your stay.

 The inhabitants of Lausanne are considered to be bon vivants, and it has to be said that in Lausanne, the people know how to enjoy good things: haute cuisine, Swiss wine, a rich musical program and the night life... The numerous schools with an international profile compete to attract as many pupils as possible. 

Things to do in Lausanne

  • Go for a walk in the old town which is completely car-free.  Enjoy the many shops and little side streets. Wander along rue de Bourg, climb the escaliers du Marché and stop off at the place de la Palud to see the clock come to life.
  • Visit the cathedral. It is the must-see building in the city: it is often considered to be the most beautiful gothic building in Switzerland. Concerts are regularly organised there. 
  • Visit the Olympic Museum. If you only visit one museum in Lausanne, it is highly recommended to choose this one. It traces the history of the Olympic games though historical objects and temporary exhibitions.
  • Stroll along the quais d'Ouchy, you'll start to think you're on holidays! The inhabitants of Lausanne love to walk, go for bike rides and rollerblade. Use this time to enjoy an ice cream or let the children ride on the carrousel.
  • Get away from the busy city centre by visiting the vineyards of Lavaux. Lavaux is the canton's wine-making region and is listed as a world heritage site. The landscapes featuring vineyard terraces, mountains and the lake are absolutely breathtaking. 

The best time to visit Lausanne


  • October - Lausanne's Marathon. In a natural environment, one of the best running races in Europe.

  • November / December - Lausanne Lights' Festival. Illuminated creations of international artists sublimates the city.
  • January / February Lausanne's Award. World-renowned competition for young dancers.
  • April - Cully Jazz Festival. Just a stone's throw from Lausanne, a must for jazz enthusiasts.
  • July City Festival. Artistic performances organised all over the city with free entry.

The climate in Lausanne

Lausanne's climate is rather mild. The winters are cold (snow is a regular visitor) and the summers are hot. As Lausanne is built on hills and there is a variation in height above sea level of a good 500 m, sometimes it is a few degrees warmer on the banks of the lake.

Did you know...?

  • The elderly say that the inhabitants of Lausanne have the best legs in the country due to the city's hills.
  • Lausanne is home to the only Swiss metro line. It is both underground and on an incline. 
  • The city's cathedral still has a lookout. He calls out the time from 10 p.m. to 2 a.m., 365 days a year.

Lausanne in figures


hills on which Lausanne is built.


Lausanne is the 2nd biggest city in Romandie (French-speaking part of Western Switzerland).

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