Visiting Zurich What to do in this city?

Just 4 hours and 03 minutes by train from Paris, come and visit beautiful Zurich. Far-removed from the clichés, the financial capital of Switzerland has much more to offer than just banks and luxury boutiques. Visit Zurich, a city filled with culture and history! Find out our suggestions on what to do in Zurich during your stay.

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Just 4 hours by train from Paris

 In reality, it has multiple faces, offering a wealth of artistic and cultural activities. A hotspot for Swiss culture, it was the  birthplace of the Dada artistic movement. It catches the eye with its diverse architecture and is home to numerous museums including the Swiss national museum and the Beaux-Arts museum. In short, you'll know what to do in Zurich! 

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Visit Zurich: things to do

  • Experience sites steeped in history by ambling along the charming pedestrian streets of Zurich's old town, just a stone's throw from the train station where the TGV Lyria arrives. In passing, you'll be enthralled by the windows of the Fraumünster, created by Marc Chagall, as well as the modern art collection of the Kunsthaus. 
  • Soak up the trendy side of Zurich by wandering through the renovated industrial neighbourhood of Zurich West, and visit Zurich by setting off to discover its art galleries and designer boutiques.
  • Go window shopping on Bahnhofstrasse, one of the most prestigious shopping streets in the world.
  • Get a breath of fresh air in the great outdoors just beside the city by making your way by foot or train to Uetliberg and enjoy the panoramic views of the city, the lake and the snow-topped mountains
  • In the winter, sledge down the slopes of the Uetliberg at full speed. A fun-filled moment for young and old...
  • Go swimming or boating in the clear waters of Lake Zurich, or simply lounge on the banks while admiring the view of the Alps... you wouldn't think you are just a few hours away from France by train. That's also what Zurich is about! 

The best time to visit Zurich


  • April - Sechseläuten. This traditional Zurich festival celebrates the start of spring.
  • July - Züri Fäscht. Every three years, a large mainstream festival is held in the old town and on the banks of the lake.
  • August - Street Parade. A huge technoparade invades Zurich.
  • November - Expovina. Twelve boats host an impressive wine fair. Around 4,000 wines to taste! 

The climate in Zurich

Zurich has a mild climate. The temperatures are warmest between May and September, allowing visitors to benefit from the joys of swimming in the lake as well as visiting the city. The Christmas period is also a good time to visit Zurich and soak up the ambiance of the illuminated city, dressed up for the winter.

Did you know...?

  • The famous physician Albert Einstein studied at the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale in Zurich.
  • The Irish poet James Joyce apparently said: "The Bahnhofstrasse in Zurich is so clean that if you spilled minestrone soup on it you could still eat it without a spoon."
  • The intellectual and artistic movement Dada was born at the Cabaret Voltaire in Zurich. It is still open to the public today.

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